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J!Growl - Realtime Notifications for Everything!

TechJoomla Labs is proud to present you with J!Growl.

So, What is J!Growl?

J!Growl is a real time notification system for any kind of notification in Joomla. Simple things examples might be a Growl alert when a a user logs in, or when you get a new message,etc..

We have created J!Growl in such a way that it can be completely customized. It can well be integrated with other components to display their own custom notifications via plugins.

J!Growl gives developers the opportunity to create their own plugins. These plugins can add their own custom notificastions to the site. We will be providing a developer documentation to help you in this.

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Invitex-The Viral Invitations solution for Joomla, CB & JomSocial released!


After a long wait, we have finally released Invitex, our Viral Invitations solution for Joomla , CB & JomSocial. The first release comes with support for directly typing email addresses, CSV import as well as the ability to import contact from a variety of Email providers. You can see some Screenshots of the Solution here .

A Must have for Joomla!, JomSocial & CB based Social Networking websites.

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April Fools Day 2010 !JooPressPal finally released to the general public

Our Own April Fools Joke for 2010

For the past one year our team here at Techjoomla has been working  on a super secret project which involved some very critical work in integrating some of the best CMS systems available today in the Open Source world.. You must have read about many articles, blogs which discuss what is better : Joomla, Wordpress or Drupal. Its always a competition between these three.

This competition is there since each system has something unique that the other lacks at in someway..We decided to get all the best features of these CMS Powerhouses together to create the most powerful CMS avaialable in the world. today.

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Tell us what you use to build your Social Network. Join the discussion

I might end up starting another Social Extensions debate here but I haven't come across a blog or article that addresses a large cross-section of them. I wish this turns out to be more of a bloggy discussion than just a blog. With the web landscape littered with a lot of software to create your Social network both in & outside the Joomla Commun...

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Cool Screenshots of the upcoming Invitex extension

We cant wait to show you the new Invitex extension.. Check out the cool screen shots :)  

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Calling Beta Testers for Mail Alerts !

Recently we have been working on a brand new extension called as Mail Alerts. This is a extremely flexible Email alerts system for Jooomla & Can work with CB & JomSocial as well. The system is extremely flexible via use of plugins of the type "emailalerts" which allow you to build your own plugins to extend our extension to Push your content into the Mail alerts sent.. You can read more about this extension in the Labs. Click here to go there.

We are into the Beta Version now & want some beta testers to come in & help us test the system on Production or near Production websites. We shall be selecting a total of 10 beta testers from the applications. Currently Mail Alerts Ships with Plugins for Joomla Content, JomSocial , CB, VIrtuemart, SOBI & MyBlog. We shall need the Beta testers to atleast have 2 of these extensions installed on their site.

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Mail Alerts for Joomla, CB & JomSocial

Have you seen mail alerts that networks like Facebook & Linked in send to their users periodically ?

How would you like to send your users periodic email alerts of whats happening on your site or social network ? If you would, then our new component in the Labs , JMail Alerts might be just the thing for you.

Excited ? Click on read read more !


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JBolo 2.7.1 Maintenance release out

JBolo! V2.7.1 has been released today. This is a maintenance release with the following bug fixes. Bugs Fixed: Changed Admin Backend instructions to reflect new file names of plugins & modules. Available, Away and Invisible made available in language file.Performance improvements by reducing data size of the heartbeat function ( the one that checks...

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Feb 2010 Newsletter

JBOLO! V.2.7 IS OUT ! After weeks of working on these cool new features, we are very exited to bring you the latest release of JBolo! The coolest chat extension for Joomla, CB & JomSocial & now Mighty touch ! JBolo! V2.7 comes with features like Status Update, Sound, Hide Link Icons on FB Chatbar & support for People Touch/Mighty Touch ...

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JBolo! V2.7 out

After weeks of working on these cool new features, we are very exited to bring you the latest release of JBolo! The coolest chat extension for Joomla, CB & JomSocial. JBolo! V2.7 comes with features like Status Update, Sound, Hide Link Icons on FB Chatbar & support for People Touch/Mighty Touch integration!

Read on for details


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Sound in JBolo - Community Effort !

We have been talking about adding sound notifications to JBolo for some time now. In fact , the feature has been there in one of our SVN branches for some time .. but as it wasnt made cross browser compatible yet, we hadn't released it.. Image our surprise today when we got an email from Casey Davis, one of our JBolo users, who went ahead & int...

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J!PHPList - The Integration Solution for PHPList & Joomla ,CB & JomSocial is out !

This is the 3rd most exciting thing we were working on for the past few months.. And now its out ! ( First 2 things are secret ;) )

J!PHPList brings with it seamless integration of PHPList with either of the below :

Check the Demos here :

Joomla Only : The live website uses J!PHPlist in this mode.

With CB :

With JomSocial :

Screenshots :

Whats More ! We have slashed the prices on J!PHPlist to 30$ & 55$ for the 6month & 12 month options respectively ! Buy it today !

Read more to know the full details of what,s new in this release

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Cool Screenshots of the upcoming J!PHPList extension

We cant wait to show you the new J!PHPList extension.. Check out the cool screen shots :)  

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J!PHPlist Demos are live !

Finally! J!PHPlist is ready to go production. We have been working hard on the development of this extension & we hope you shall be happy with the results. The demos are now live for all of you to see. We shall be releasing the extension as soon as the Documentation has been updated. See the demos here : Joomla Only : The live http://techjoomla...

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J!PHPlist soon to be out ! Will support Plain Joomla, JomSocial & CB !

J! PHPlist our 'CB PHPlist' extension in a whole new Avatar is soon to be released ! We are very excited about this release with a host of bugs fixed & a lot of new features added.Its in the last stages of final testing & is already being used in our website in 'Joomla Integration' mode. Here's a snapshot of whats inside this complete rewri...

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