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J! Mail Alerts v1.1 released

We're pleased to announce the release of J! Mail Alerts v1.1 Following are the bugs fixed in this release - 1. Sync feature not working2. Email not being delivered to any user, even with last received dates set in the past Visit the following link to know more about J! Mail Alerts and to download the component for free!

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SocialAds calling for Beta Testers

SocialAds for JomSocial is finally into Beta ! We are accepting beta tester applications for SocialAds.

With Social Ads for JomSocial, you can create Facebook like demographically targeted ads to show on Your JomSocial Site. This extension allows advertisers to create their advertisement , Target the users they want to show the advertisement to, Decide if they want to pay by impressions or per click, Pay online & get the advertisement started up right away !

Read more about it here .

We shall be selecting a total of 5 beta testers from the applications. Currently SocialAds supports only JomSocial. So make sure you have a JomSocial site when you apply.

Please click on read more to see the Beta testing schedule & to apply as a Beta tester.

Beta Testers shall receive a 40% off coupon for SocialAds when it goes live.

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Make your Users Stick!

Make your users stick !This blog is going to be mostly about the thought process behind creating the extensions we currently have & ones that are planned & how these can help your Social Networks grow & sustain. It will also talk about Social Networks in general & how you can make them more effective.

We have worked on the 'Social Network' concept before the first of them were born. It was just not called Social Networking then! Well, a lot of the pieces were there.. but still it wasn't what a Social Network is now. Launched in August 2003, MySpace was one of the forerunners. This was followed by Orkut in Jan 2004 & Facebook in February 2004. Only mentioning a few biggies here. These were the ones that brought about the Web's latest revolution. With such personalized connections, the web suddenly got viral & revolutionized almost all aspects of our life. There's a lot more you can read about the history of Social Networks on Wikipedia.

And then suddenly creating Social Networks became the most in-demand thing & everyone wanted one of their own! In our own Joomla community, a lot of players emerged making it pretty easy to get started with your own network.

Read on to know how you can make your Social Networks more effective..

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J!Mail Alerts Core user plugin 1.01 released with bug fixes

We have released a bug fix release of the J!MailAlerts core user plugin to fix an issue which led to an error every time the Store User joomla function was run. This led to errors while saving the Joomla or JomSocial profile for instance.. This issue has now been fixed in the version 1.01 which you can download here :

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May 14th , 2010 Newsletter

Email not displaying correctly? View it in your browser.J!MailAlerts. Email Alerts for Joomla is here. & its completely free ! How many times have you had the problem of increasing the 'stickiness' of your Joomla site ? We saw the major Social sites of the day like LinkedIn & Facebook, were achieving this with great effectiveness by sending...

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J!MailAlerts! the fresh new Email alerts extension for Joomla is here.. & its free !

Yup ! Its finally here !! & Whats more its completely free too !!!

J!MailAlerts is a automated periodic Email Alerts system. Have you seen mail alerts that networks like Facebook & Linked in send to their users periodically ? Using J!MailAlerts you too can send your users periodic email alerts of whats happening on your site or social network. Users can select if they want to receive weekly, fortnightly or monthly updates. J!MailAlerts is completely extensible using plugins which means you can virtually add an update about activities in any extension on your Joomla website.

Its a great way to keep your users in touch with whats going on on your website & keep them coming back. Get J!MailAlerts today & Engage your community!

Read on to find out how to get this cool extension for your Joomla website ! Full extension details can be seen on the Product page.


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CB & JS Network Suggest V1.6.2 released with support for JBolo ! Chat !

We are happy to announce the availability of CB & JS Network Suggest Modules. The most awaited feature in this is the JBolo! Integration which now means that if you allow public Chat via JBolo on your site, you can now suggest people to chat with based on their profile information.

The CB version also shows a Fuzzy match percentage in a nice tooltip now ! The JomSocial version also has a more information tooltip but no fuzzy percentage for now..

Please read more for more detailed information of the bugs solved & features added. People with active subscriptions can download the extensions immediately in the my downloads area. Note that the versions available in My Downloads are always the latest general availability releases.


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Dear Might Touch / People Touch Users ..

Dear Might Touch / People Touch Users .. Based on your recent feedback, we have decided to come out with more integration parameters for JBolo to support the People touch extension. What does this mean ? It means that now JBolo will soon support Mighty Touch Avatars as well as Mighty touch groups in the next release. We recently received some poor ...

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Monetize your JomSocial Site with Social Ads !

Its finally in the Labs ! With Social Ads for JomSocial, you can create Facebook like demographically targeted ads to show on Your JomSocial Site. This extension allows advertisers to create their advertisement , Target the users they want to show the advertisement to, Decide if they want to pay by impressions or per click, Pay online & get the advertisement started up right away !

This extension promises to revolutionize Social Networking in Joomla. Demographic advertising which has been in place on Facebook for some time now can be easily added to your own JomSocial based website. Though the first release will be for JomSocial, we shall be rolling out versions with CB & the soon to come Anahita Support as well !

The possibilities of this engine are amazing & future releases will come packed with even more features.

We hope the community appreciates this idea & comes forward with feedback to make the system even better. We shall be blogging about the development regularly & also open it up to select beta testers before the public release.

Read on for more information & some early previews of the system.


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People You May Know for CB & JomSocial Maintenance Release V.1.2.5 are out

This has been really a week full of releases ! We have just released maintenance releases for "People You May Know" for CB & JomSocial. These releases have some great fixes related to semantic HTML & CSS proposed by Chris from the Pro Themer/ Joomla Junkie team. We are working with them to improve integration of our extensions with various template frameworks like their Morph.

Besides this, People you may know has been improved greatly from the performance perspective & should now work great even on huge websites.

To read more about what has changed, please click on read more. People with active subscriptions can directly download the file from the My Downloads page. Note that only the latest file is maintained in the Download center.

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J!Growl Call for Beta Testers

The latest entry in the Techjoomla Labs, J!Growl, is a extensible live alerts framework for Joomla sites that allows admins to set alerts for any number of events which are extensible via plugins. With J!Growl, it is possible to send real time notifications of events on the website when they are online.

See details here : J!Growl - Realtime Notifications for Everything! .


We are into the Beta Version now & want some beta testers to come in & help us test the system on Production or near Production websites. We shall be selecting a total of 10 beta testers from the applications. Currently J!Growl Ships with Plugins to show alerts for "User Login & Logout" & "JomSocial Private Message Received "
Please click on read more to see the Beta testing schedule & to apply as a Beta tester.

We are giving out a 6 Month Subscription of the extension when it is released to all Beta testers.

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April 2010 Newsletter

Email not displaying correctly? View it in your browser. Joomla 1.5.17 is here Joomla Updates Joomla 1.5.17 is a security release & we recommend that you update your Joomla installation immediately.  Read more about the release here. Joomla Upgrade Notifier If you manage multiple Joomla sites, then we recommend using our very own Joomla Up...

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JBolo 2.7.2 released with Chat History Support & more !

JBolo V.2.7.2 is out !

The much awaited Chat History feature has now been added. Besides these features to "Clear Chat " & a admin controlled Bad Words filter is also integrated. Along with this JBolo! Integration has been extended to our own Mutual Friends plugins for Joomla & JomSocial. These releases mark the way for a easy way for other extensions as well to integrate with JBolo Chat.

Users with active subscriptions can immediately download the new release from the My downloads area. Upgrades are now painless with "method upgrade" added for JBolo.

Don't Have it yet ? Buy Now !

To read the full list of changes in this release , please click on read more...


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Mutual Friends V2.0 released for Both CB & JomSocial

We are happy to announce the immediate availability of JomSocial Mutual Friends 2.0 & CB Mutual Friends 2.0 for all subscribers. Both the CB & JomSocial versions now have support to "View All" Mutual Friends. Additionally they have been integrated with JBolo! Chat so that you can initiate chat from the CB plugin or JS Application itself !

Besides some bugs reported by users have also been solved & a lot of inputs given by Chris Rault from the Prothemer/ JoomlaJunkie Team on improving the extension from HTML CSS perspectives have also been implemented. This will help seamless integration of our extensions into most Joomla & JomSocial templates. Customers with active subscriptions can immediately upgrade to the new version.

To see the complete change log click on read more

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J!PHPlist V1.1 & InviteX V1.1 released with bug fixes

Maintenance releases of J!PHPlist & InviteX were released today to address some issues reported by used. We recommend all users upgrade to the latest versions as soon as possible.The new versions are J!PHPlist 1.1 & InviteX 1.1 .

To see a full list of bugs fixed in both the extensions please click on read more.

Users with active subscriptions can login to the site & download the files from their My Downloads Page.


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