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9 New plugins coming very soon for J!MailAlerts

J!MailAlerts is set to become even more powerful with 9 more plugins to be released very soon ! These plugins are very much complete & already passed internal QA & Beta testing. Here is a screenshot for you to see that we have them all ready. It will be a few more days before we can release them since we are restructuring the way you can buy paid J!MailAlerts plugins.

Till now you could only get the JomSocial Plugin pack as a whole, but as the community requested that we give you the option to chose what you want, we are now packaging all plugins separately. To be frank this is better for us as well from the version control perspective. We will still be having Value packs for CB, JomSocial etc so that you can get a good deal when you buy them..

JMailAlerts Plugins

Here is a list of whats coming if its not clear from the screen above..

  1. K2 Latest Content
  2. Pending Connections for JomSocial
  3. Pending Connections for CB
  4. People you may know for CB
  5. Network Suggest for CB
  6. Latest Groups for Super Groups (from
  7. Group Activity plugin for JomSocial Groups
  8. Activity Stream Plugin for JomSocial
  9. Group Jive latest groups plugin
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