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JomSocial Suggest Site specific issues

While fixing one of the tickets, we came across a couple of peculiar problems this week.. Problem I The Row X Column config seemingly, was'nt working on one of our client sites.. Reason & Solution On investigation, we discovered that this problem arose because the css layout of module were being overridden by template. Problem II Problem with d...

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Joomla Twiter people gather! #How2Joomla

I have been doing some Magento related development recently & came across a twitter community they have around a Hashtag. Anyone with questions about Magento can post them with this hashtag & someone is quick to answer. I guess it could help as a lot of people already use this media for short QA sessions & it's more easily accessible th...

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Jbolo! Version 2.5.1 Released!

The new version includes: New Icons for CB version of the chat bar!Stability fixes for the bar.Conflict fixes for the core chat. More features and updates on the way!

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Facebook Like Chat Bar (Known Issues)

Some known issues in Facebook Like Chat Bar (Beta-2.5.0) we are working on: - Icons are not visible on the chat bar in JomSocial on few sites. - When you click on some users the chat does not open. - The chat boxes are not maintained for some users. - The bar is displayed behind a few modules on few sites.   If you find any other issues except the ...

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JBolo! with Facebook like chatbar(Beta) released!

TechJoomla is extremely glad to announce the release of JBolo! v2.5.0 that has much awaited addition - A chatbar similar to Facebook. Many of you must have laid their hands on the demo, now you can see the chatbar at work on your very own site! The beta version is available for download to all active JBolo! subscribers. To download, go to the 'My D...

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Website Accessibility Improvement

Hello All, We've introduced a 'My Downloads' menu on the right that lists all the files available for you to download. Now you can access all your products via this menu and easily download them without going via the Order Details screen. We hope you find this useful.   Thanks,TechJoomla Team

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JBolo Facebook Chat Bar (beta) Demo is live !

The Demo of the Facebook Chat bar variation of Jbolo, Chat for Joomla, CB & JomSocial is now live! We have been working on the Facebook variation of the Chat system for quite sometime now & are very close to a release now. A Beta  release is expected this week. Before the release is made available as part of the general package, we hav...

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People You May Know v1.0.2 released

We're glad to announce the availability of People You May Know v1.0.2 for both Community Builder and Jomsocial. This version fixes the issue when you might accidentaly see your friends in the list when the number of available suggestions are few. Please download the new files by going to the 'My Purchases' link on the right. We hope you enjoy this ...

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CB Suggest v1.3.2 released

We're glad to announce the release of CB Suggest v1.3.2. This version features the much awaited enhancement where you can select all the field types to search on. Earlier searching was done only based on text type fields. You can download the new file by going to the 'My Purchases' section after logging in. We hope you enjoy the new version.

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CB & JomSocial Suggest v1.3.1 released

We're glad to announce the release of CB & JomSocial suggest v1.3.1. This version fixes the JFile not found issue recently reported by some users.

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JFile bug will be fixed in new version this week

The JFile bug reported by some users has been solved in the SVN. The new version that will be released this week will have the fix for this bug.

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Special Discounts on Account of Dasara

Celebrate with us as we celebrate Dasara !  Dasara is one of the most widely celebrated Festivals in India. Read more about it on the Wiklipedia. Get 20% off on all products from now on till end of Monday using the Coupon DASARA20 . Note that our offices will be closed on Monday , 28th Spetember 2009. So any pending tickets will be answered on Tues...

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List of supported smileys in JBolo!

All of you know JBolo! has smiley support, but just which smileys does it support? Following is the list of smileys that are currently supported by JBolo!. :) or :-):( or :-(;) or ;-):')B) or B-):o or :O or :-o or :-O:D or :-D Note: The above list of smileys are supported in JBolo! version 1.5 and above.

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JBolo! v2.1.0 released

We're pleased to announce the availability of JBolo! version 2.1.0. This version is a minor bug fix release, and the following issues have been addressed After navigating among pages, chatboxes no more reappear once you close them.Now both the module and chat box obey the name/username setting    

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CB & JomSocial Suggest V1.3 Out

We have released version 1.3 of the CB & JomSocial Suggest Modules. V1.3 brings a completely Ajaxed CB Suggest module along with the Ignore feature that has been there for sometime in the JomSocial Versions. Now both Cb & JomSocial versions support a whole new Array of features

Users having an active subscription can download the update by logging in to their accounts. Not Have them ? get them at the links below.
CB Version | JomSocial Version

Read On for full feature list.


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