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Shika 1.3.37 is here with TJ Fields compatibility


We are happy to release Shika 1.3.37 with support for the latest version of TJ Fields, our infrastructure extension. Besides this, the release also has a couple of improvements. We have added a configuration to hide the YouTube logo from the YouTube video in the frontend. Default date isn’t displayed if expiry day is not set for the certificate. We have also fixed plenty of bugs in this release. 

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Quick2Cart 2.9.20 is here with updated TJ Fields integration


We have released a brand new update for our Joomla multi-vendor shopping cart. Quick2Cart 2.9.20 is a compatibility release to support the latest release of our infrastructure extension, TJ Fields. 

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JGive 2.5.2 is here with updated TJ Fields integration


We have released an update for our Joomla crowdfunding extension. With the JGive 2.5.2 release, we have updated the TJ Fields integration with JGive so that the campaign creator can add extra fields to the campaign creation page. Besides this, we have fixed many bugs in the new release reported by our subscribers. We encourage you to upgrade to this release as soon as possible. 

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Read on for the complete changelog.

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TJ Vendor - The infrastructure extension for unified vendor management & payouts


You might have wondered at our blogs being a little silent. Well a lot has been happening behind the scenes. In the past several months our teams have been working on a host of ‘Infrastructure’ extensions that will add immense value and decrease development time for our extensions as well as custom projects.  

Infrastructure extensions are like Joomla’s core com_categories. Other extensions can use it without having to recreate the wheel. The below diagram should give you just a little bit of an idea as to what all is coming !


In this blog we shall be talking about one such extension - TJ Vendor. Techjoomla today already has several extensions like Quick2Cart, JGive, JTicketing that support a multi vendor mode. Soon Shika will have the same functionality. The core of the multi vendor system that supports Vendor Management, Fees management, Payouts to name a few have been abstracted into a reusable extension.

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Quick2Cart 2.9.1, JGive 1.9.2 and JTicketing 1.8.5 is here with advanced field based filtering!

Quick2Cart 2.9.1, JGive 1.9.2 and JTicketing 1.8.5 is here with advanced field based filtering!

We are delighted to announce the release of Quick2Cart 2.9.1, JTicketing 1.8.5 & JGive 1.9.2. The reason behind the joint announcement is that 'TJ Fields' an extension all of these products share for field management, has got a major architectural upgrade. This upgrade brings extensive field based filtering for Products, Events and Campaigns re...

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