Flexible, Social E commerce for Joomla !
Quick2Cart is a super flexible shopping cart with Multi Vendor, Multi Store and awesome Social Integrations. Plus you have the option to use the native Product manager or integrate with CCKs like Zoo, K2 or even Joomla Content.
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All your users can create their own stores and manage their own products. You can charge a commission on each transaction or if you so choose, integrate with something like Payplans or AEC and charge for this feature, plus with 10+ Payment gateways on the Common payments API and awesome developer APIs its easy to extend Quick2Cart to do your Bidding..Store owners can also create their own coupons. Users can buy products from one or more stores and checkout in a single step.

 Features Overview

Native Quick2Cart Product Manager

Sometimes you don't need all the flexibility of CCKs to define your product. Something simple but with rich features can work. This is where you can use the native Product Manager. It comes with an optimum set of fields to define your product, ability to Add multiple images per product and of course all the Quick2Cart pricing and attribute options.

CCKs For Multi-Vendor in Front and Backend

Get the freedom to better showcase your product using some of Joomla's best Content Construction Kits (CCKs).
Our integrations let you configure pricing options and attributes from within your favorite CCK and also give a nice looking add to Cart button display on the front-end.

Supported CCKs
1. Joomla Content Integration
2. FLEXIcontent Integration
3. JReviews Integration (Quick2Cart E-commerce Add-on for JReviews) . Visit JReviews
4. K2 Items Integration
5. Zoo Integration. Thanks Jan @Yootheme for all the awesome help in getting together this great integration!

Multivendor Support Out Of The Box !

With this feature you can let all your site users to be sellers or vendors. Using Joomla ACL and integrations with subscriptions systems you can also choose to only let specific Users get the privilege to be a Vendor in your system.
*Note: Multivendor can be used with native product manager as well as CCK's

Multi Store Support

A seller/vendor can create more than 1 stores on the site. Admin can control the number of stores a seller/vendor can create by setting a limit on them. For instance, the same Vendor can have a Flower Store as well as a Clothing store on your site.
*Note that multistore is currently supported only with native product manager

Multiple Currency Support

Basic multi currency support to optionally let you specify product pricing in multiple currencies.

Tax Configuration

Taxation being one of the most important factors while purchasing a product, special attention has been given to this feature to make it up to the mark. Zones can be created to group the countries and regions with similar taxation rules. Taxation profiles can be created to club multiple taxes charged on a product. Making this a perfect taxation feature.

Shipping Configuration

When it comes to online shopping shipping plays a key role in it. Shipping for both single and multi-vendor modes. Setting up zones is mandatory. Shipping methods can be selected based on the shipping provider. Creating shipping profiles to combine multiple shipping methods making it easier for the store owner keep a track.

Optional Shipping

Don’t need Shipping for your products? Just disable it in the backend! As simple as that :)

Support For Multiple Payment Gateways

Quick2Cart comes powered with the Techjoomla common payments api for Joomla and supports all these payment gateways to handle your payment.
-Alpha User Points
-JomSocial Points
-EasySocial Points
-Pay By Check
-Pay By Purchase Order
-Paypal - Adaptive Payment
-Payu India (Credit Card/Debit Card/Net Banking)

Automate Payouts in your Marketplace with Paypal Adaptive Payments Support

Quick2Cart features Paypal Adaptive payments integration which takes the pain of having to do manual payouts out of the equation. With Adaptive payments, the fees and the vendor payment is instantly split when the buyer makes the payment .

Start a Marketplace !

Quick2Cart has marketplace features letting the site admin earn fees on every transaction. Depending on the payment gateway you use Vendor payouts can be manual or automated. The Payouts Manager lets you easily maintain complete transactions of payouts made to vendors.

Multiple Product Attributes

Define any number of product attributes with positive/negative price impact. Get greater flexibility in defining products. Eg : Size, Color, Storage Capacity etc.

Stock Management

- Ability to specify in stock quantities for products and automatically subtract quantities on successful sales.
- Out of stock shipping support optionally lets you buy a product in an out of stock situation.

Minimum and Maximum Order Quantity

The user can control the quantities per product by optionally setting minimum and maximum order quantities per product.

Order Management and CSV Export

The Order Management view shows you a list of Orders with all the orders on your site with a free text and Order status filters. It also facilitates Order deletions and CSV export of all orders.

Country and Region manager with Multi Lingual Support

Admin can select Country and Region from backend to show it in the frontend while shopping. Translation support for countries by adding language file.

Coupon Management

Super flexible Coupons management with the ability to create both absolute and percentage value coupons plus various additional parameters like maximum uses, maximum uses per user and Valid dates.

Admin approval and email notification settings

With this feature any new store or product will need an approval from the admin to go live.
Email notifications will be sent to admin in creation of store and editing of store and product.
So admin can stay updated all the time. These features can be turned OFF from the native product manager in the backend.

Admin has the control

Admins can rejoice now! As they can create and edit stores from backend and get to see all the stores at a glance with the new store list view.

Stay Updated!

Both the customer and Admin are sent Order notification emails as well as order status change emails when the status of the order is changed on Payment completion.

Super Extensible and Developer Friendly, Developer API Available

On one side, Quick2cart is built to be super simple and straightforward for end users and site admins. However its real strength lies in the fact that its super flexible and can be used by developers on top of any type of flow to sell absolutely anything. A strong plugin API lets you tweak and extend Quick2Cart as you need.

Pin Layouts, Fully Responsive backend and frontend

Shopping on phone or a laptop doesn’t matter. Quick2cart has an impressive pin layout with a responsive backend and frontend both which makes it adjustable to any screensize.

Enrich your display with multiple modules

We offer lots of modules to let you enhance your users shopping experience.

- Shopping Cart- Gives a quick snapshot of the user’s current shopping cart status. Cart contents can be made available to users on any pages needed. Has a full as well as a compact view that you can choose from depending on your needs.
- Select store categories
- Select Different Stores
- Related products from a category
- Latest Products
- Top Selling products
- Featured Products

Smooth Ajaxed Checkout Process

Superfast checkout process will bow you away. Checkout is ajaxed plus we’ve single store checkout as well.

Registration During Checkout and Guest Checkout

Full flexibility to enable or disable guest registration and control the guest registration process by either using a quick registration or silent registration process.

Social E-Commerce

Quick2Cart comes with some really tight Social Integrations with popular Joomla Social Networking extensions like JomSocial, EasySocial and Community Builder. Plus JS and ES points can be used as payment gateways making user’s shopping experience even more exciting.

These tight integrations allow you to harness the power of Social Networking and Viral communication to give your site that special edge. See below for details about the Social E Commerce Features.

EasySocial App

View the products purchased, recently bought products and stores of a user on it’s easysocial profile.

Make users feel at home with the Toolbar/Menu Integration

Users might feel like they are browsing outside the Social network when they see a page without the Social Network menu on it. The Toolbar integration lets you show the Social Network toolbar on all Quick2Cart pages making users feel at home. This feature is currently only available for JomSocial.

Sell right on your Profile Stores and Product Displays on User Profiles

While Quick2Cart has a full interface to browse Stores and products, in a Social Network; its important that you can jump to the users Stores and see their Products right on their profile.

You can do this easily with the Quick2Cart Stores and Quick2Cart Products applications/plugins. This feature is currently available for EasySocial and JomSocial .

Native Social Notifications for Quick2Cart Events

Currently only available with JomSocial, this feature uses the native JomSocial notifications system to notify vendors when someone buys their products.

Take Ecommerce Viral with Activity Stream Integrations

We push various activities in Quick2Cart to integrated Social Network extensions. Integrated activities are as below.

- New Store Creation for instance : Mark just created a new store named 'Mark's Creations'
- New Product Creation for example : Mark just added a new product 'Amazing TShirt' in the store 'Mark's Creations'
- Users Buying Products for instance : Mary bought a product ' Amazing TShirt' from the store 'Mark's Creations'

Affiliate System Integrations With IDevAffiliate, WizAffiliates

Quick2cart has native integrations with iDevAffiliate and WizAffiliates allowing you to create a great affiliate program for your shop and offer great incentives to your affiliate partners. Plus its easy to extend quick2cart with a plugin to add more affiliate integration's.

Keep an eye on the revenue with awesome Dashboards for Admin and Store owners

Quick2Cart has a great sales dashboard that allows you to get a snapshot of your sales. Includes the following reports.
- All-time total orders income
- Periodic income- Calendar available to view the income of a particular period
- Periodic orders- Pie Chart to give overview of Pending Orders, Refund Orders, Confirmed Orders
-Separate dashboard for store owners to analyse their store performance.

  Pricing Plans

The Subscription gives you access to product updates and support on one domain for the period of the subscription. Know more about our Subscription Policy.

 Select a subscription plan

Quick2Cart 12 Months Support Subscription
Quick2Cart 6 Months Support Subscription
Quick2Cart 12 Months Subscription + Support for Unlimited Domains
All subscription plans are backed by risk-free 30-day money back guarantee. Check our Refund Policy.


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2.2.6 Stable

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2.5 3.x

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