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JGive 2.5.0 is here with improved TJ Vendor integration, Front-end Individual and Organization Contacts and Front-end vendor reports


Now is the time to update your crowdfunding extension. We are super happy to announce the new major release of our crowdfunding extension for Joomla. JGive 2.5.0 is here with improved TJ Vendor integration, Frontend Individual and Organization Contacts and Frontend vendor reports. Besides this, we have created two separate views for donor list and donations. We have also developed APIs using the factory pattern.

We have also fixed many bugs in this release. We encourage you to upgrade to this release as soon as possible. Read on for more details and the detailed changelog.

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How to Get Millennials to Contribute to Your Fundraising Campaign?


Millennials are one of the most preferred demographics for several brands. What they do, how they react, and why do they take specific actions, influence a lot of advertising and product launch decisions made by brands. And this holds true for non-profits as well. The demographic is giving a new twist to charitable causes, and therefore, they need to be wooed in a completely different manner than other generations. 

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JGive 1.6.7 is here!!

JGive 1.6.7 is here!!

Hi Everyone, We have released JGive 1.6.7. We have added one major feature in this release - The Country and Regions manager with multi-lingual support. The Country Manager and region manager now allow you to restrict which countries and regions you want to allow donations from. This way if you service lets say only the UK, then your users don't ha...

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JGive v1.6.3 Stable Released


We are happy to announce the availability of JGive 1.6.3 which comes with lots & lots of awesome new features to take your Joomla Crowdfunding site to the next level. The key feature in this release is the ability to Buy Givebacks.  This means that the user can choose to pick a specific giveback & donate/invest against that. I am sure all our JGive lovers will love this;). Then we have added some great back office features letting admins add campaigns as well as donations from the back end. This means that its easier to manage donations that are not coming through the website.  


The other Major Features include

  • Ability to add campaigns from the backend
  • Ability to add donations from the backend
  • Tighter EasySocial integration 
  • Major Improvements in Reporting & CSV exports
  • Email notification improvements
  • JomSocial Bar display option

Can't wait to get your hands on the release? Download it now from the My Subscriptions area. If you are among those still not using JGive, Buy it now!

There's more to this release that i can write up here.. So I suggest you go ahead & read our complete changelog & upgrade instructions! 

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JGive 1.6-See what's coming in this awesome new release! P.S. Feedback requested!!


As you know, we try & get our customers involved in the development process as much as possible. This helps us start a conversation & listen to ideas & feedback & help come out with better releases. As part of this initiative, we have our series of "Subscriber Connect" Newsletters & Blogs which keeps you abreast of what we are d...

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JGive 1.0.2 released


We have released JGive 1.0.2 today. The key features added include allowing to choose the type for the new campaign. You can create new campaigns for donations or investments. Also, you can put a restriction on total number of donations/investments allowed for the campaign you create. We have added new filter and sort options on all campaigns blog ...

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