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How to Evaluate the Shopping Cart for Your eCommerce Site?


As the eCommerce rage continues, it’s natural for you to want to start a site of your own. 

Of the myriad aspects that you need to take into consideration – including what platform to build your solution on, what features to choose, what products to offer, and more, there is also the pressing decision of what shopping cart software to use. Given that your shopping cart will be with you for years to come, its capabilities (or the lack of it) will either make you (and your customers) extremely happy or completely miserable. 

When you set to look for a shopping cart vendor, you’ll find hundreds of them claiming their solution is the best one for you. But how can you really tell? How do you figure out which one best fits the bill? What features should you look for? How do you ensure you make the right educated decision? Here’s how! 

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Shika 1.3 (Beta) - Exercise and Feedback Lesson Types and new Question Types


We are happy to announce the release of Shika 1.3 Beta which brings new lesson types and question types, assessments for exercises and events, support for sections for question grouping and much more. Note that since this is a Beta release, you should not install this version on your live sites.

Below is a quick look at each of the features. Look out for a detailed blog on each of the features

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JGive nEXT - revamped UX, Activity stream and more!

JGive nEXT - revamped UX, Activity stream and more!

UX redesign is going to be a major focus for upcoming major releases of Techjoomla products. JGive will be one of the first to get these improvements. As part of this exercise we are taking a fresh look at how customers use the product and are letting this drive the design and new features.

We hope this new approach will take our products to a new level. Here’s a quick look at the new designs and related features. It would be great if you guys can give us your comments on the same.

The roll out of this new UI/UX and related features will happen in the next few version of the jGive 2x series. Note that not all improvements will come in a single release and will be spread out over multiple ones.

Read on to get the full scoop !

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JGive 1.6-See what's coming in this awesome new release! P.S. Feedback requested!!


As you know, we try & get our customers involved in the development process as much as possible. This helps us start a conversation & listen to ideas & feedback & help come out with better releases. As part of this initiative, we have our series of "Subscriber Connect" Newsletters & Blogs which keeps you abreast of what we are d...

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Is Joomla a Good Choice to Build Intranets?


Intranets need a unique combination of features. If you are thinking about building an Intranet for your company, several requirements will come to the fore. To decide on what platform works best for you, you need to analyse these requirements & then evaluate systems based on that & of course the cost of procurement, implementation & ma...

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