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JGive 1.6.7 is here!!

JGive 1.6.7 is here!!

Hi Everyone,

We have released JGive 1.6.7. We have added one major feature in this release - The Country and Regions manager with multi-lingual support.

The Country Manager and region manager now allow you to restrict which countries and regions you want to allow donations from. This way if you service lets say only the UK, then your users don't have to browse through a huge list of countries and regions and donating is that much simpler for them! 

Secondly, with the multi-lingual feature, you can translate names of countries and regions into your local language. So if you are a German website, you can translate India to Indien.

Here is the changelog for this release.

+ Features added

#31909 Add Country, Region & City manager  in jGive

- Bugs Fixed

#32007 Installation warnings while installing JGive for the first time. 

 So, with JGive 1.6.7 you get the flexibility to run Country/ Region specific campaign. JGive has plenty more spectacular features, people who are new to JGive can have a look at our landing page. JGive is crowd-funding the way you want it to be. What are you waiting for? Upgrade to 1.6.7 Now!

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