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Shika 1.3.39 is here with free text input questions, course prerequisites, external training records and more!


We are delighted to bring you another feature packed release of Shika, v1.3.39. The highlight of this release is course prerequisites which will allow you to create links between courses to effectively deliver complete learning programs. In addition to this, a new objective question type has been introduced in the assessment engine that allows free text inputs. Finally TJ Certificates has introduced a brand new workflow that allows students to submit records of external training they have done and certificates they have earned outside the platform to the system with an approval workflow. This allows you to maintain a central training record in the platform. 

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Invitex integration with Affiliate Tracker is now available


Any website thrives on traffic & users. Invitex as a Viral invitations system forms a key part of the strategy to gain users. With this brand new integration, you can now incentivise Invitations and make your site go viral even faster!

It gives us great pleasure to announce the Invitex integration with Affiliate tracker that has been developed by the JoomlaThat team.

Affiliate Tracking for Invitex    View Demo

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Learning goes Social with Shika LMS for Joomla!


Social media has become an integral part of our daily lives. Right from blogging about your experiences, posting videos, starting discussions on your favourite topics and sharing viral content, everything is possible with social media. Learning as an experience as well as an industry is not unaffected by this trend. In fact as more learning goes online, it is something that will need to be embraced as a toolset to improve user engagement and reach by Learning management systems. 

Shika has embraced this very early in its product lifecycle and is always evolving its feature set to make it a true Social Learning Management System. Read on to see what features Shika offers that gives it a Social edge!

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JTicketing 2.1 Roadmap is here !


Thank you for the fantastic response from all of you on the JTicketing 2.0 release. We are happy to bring you the roadmap for the changes planned in the immediate next release - JTicketing 2.1.

This release is basically a follow up release to complete some features that were originally planned for 2.0 but could not be completed in time for the release and there are some really exciting things in there. One of the major focus areas of this release are a tighter integration with jLike and Shika among other things. This release will also bundle jLike as a core part of jTicketing for free !

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Integrating JBolo with other Social-Community extensions or Joomla User Management systems

Integrating JBolo with other Social-Community extensions or Joomla User Management systems

JBolo is one of the most popular Chat systems for Joomla & many popular Social networking platforms like JomSocial, EasySocial, Community builder to name a few. However besides these systems there are many extensions available that extend the Joomla User management to add features like extra fields, profiles, avatars etc.  This blog is tar...

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JTicketing 1.5 Alpha 1 Released!


We are pleased to announce the availability to JTicketing Alpha 1 for testing. This is another step towards an awesome new stable release for JTicketing. This release has 80% of the planned features of JTicketing 1.5.    So your input now is critical. Please help us test this release & file your bugs!  Thank you all who have contributed to test...

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