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Shika 1.3.39 is here with free text input questions, course prerequisites, external training records and more!


We are delighted to bring you another feature packed release of Shika, v1.3.39. The highlight of this release is course prerequisites which will allow you to create links between courses to effectively deliver complete learning programs. In addition to this, a new objective question type has been introduced in the assessment engine that allows free text inputs. Finally TJ Certificates has introduced a brand new workflow that allows students to submit records of external training they have done and certificates they have earned outside the platform to the system with an approval workflow. This allows you to maintain a central training record in the platform. 

Besides these last features, this release also has plenty of new improvements and bug fixes. Read on for the full change log. 

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Configurations on menu and module level for course pin settings

Site administrators can either enable or disable the pin view settings for menu level and module level for courses. If the course pin view settings is enabled, site administrators can easily choose to either enable or disable the likes, category, enrollments and tags for the courses.

Set Course Prerequisites via a new integration plugin

With Shika 1.3.39, we have introduced a new integration plugin using which site administrator can set one or more courses as course prerequisites. Students will have to complete the course prerequisites before they can enrol for the course or purchase the course. This is similar to the learning paths that can be set for different lessons in the course. 

Free Text input type Objective Questions

Create Free Text input type Objective Questions in Shika LMS where the question has multiple answers and the user can input either one of these answers while answering the quiz.

Workflow for allowing Students to add external training records and certificates with the ability for the admin to approve

Students can add external training records in Shika LMS along with certificates and the admin can then approve them. This is a great feature for students to highlight their skills via the various certifications undertaken by them. 

Shika v1.3.39 Changelog:


167622 Introduced the configurations on menu & module level for course pin settings

166012 Introduce the ability to set Course Prerequisites via a new integration plugin

160171 Free Text input type Objective Questions

167798 Introduce workflow for allowing Students to add external training records and certificates with the ability for the admin to approve


164501 Added user status column "Enabled" in Student Course Report 


167826 Backend >> Coupons listview >> "Used Count" column is not sorting

167642 Backend >> Manage enrollment >> While importing CSV getting "0 Can't write to log file issue

166863 %s is being visible on my activity dashboard

166836 RTL alignment issue in Dashboard

166835 Added language constant issue in tjdashboard activity 'ago' and 'just now'

166834 Frontend>> Courses >> Tag filter is not getting reset

166833 Course layout config not working

166622 When SEF is OFF, getting error while setting the category filter

166331 Attempts grading not working for 'First Attempt' & 'Last completed attempt'

166015 My dashboard >> UTC date is directly shown over the dashboard without processing

166004 JUser Load issue if any enrolled users gets deleted on Dashboard

164354 Backend >> Installing package showing warnings and notices

164032 WYSIWIG Editor >> Text getting stuck at right side/UI issues

150692 Admin panel>>Course>>Enrol users>> If users are enrolled and the pop is dismissed without clicking the "X" button, user enrol count doesn't get updated.

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