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Shika 1.6 is here with PHP 8 compatibility, ability to extend subscriptions from the admin area and much more!


We are excited to announce the release of Shika 1.6 which brings plenty of interesting features. In this release you will get PHP 8 compatibility. Site administrators can now extend the subscriptions from the admin area. We have introduced the first-time course completion date tag for certificates in Shika. Configuration has been provided for hiding the marks when attempting the quiz.

Besides these, there are also some enhancements & bug fixes that we have shipped in this release. Detailed upgrade related instructions are given in the release notes. Make sure you read them carefully before you upgrade. 


Ability to extend the subscription from the admin area

Site administrators now have the ability to extend subscriptions from the admin area. Site administrators can now easily extend the subscription for their preferred users beyond the subscription duration. Also, the site administrators can have a common subscription end date for multiple courses using the batch feature for enrollments.

First-time Course completion date tag for certificates in Shika

We have introduced the first-time course completion date tag for certificates in Shika.  This is addition to the existing tags such as certificate granted date, certificate expiry date and course completion date.


Configuration to hide marks when attempting the quiz.

Site administrators can now hide marks for quizzes for users. This feature was requested by many subscribers. Users now have to attempt the questions without knowing the marks and the questions may or may not have equal weightage.


Shika v1.5 Changelog


169790 Shika compatible with PHP8.

175223 Ability to Extend Subscriptions from the Admin area.

179938 Add a first-time course completion date in a table.

178701 Config to hide marks when attempting the quiz.


177538 In paid courses add a subscription for zero value.

177537 Need search option in Email Id column in Student Course Report. 

177536 Need search option in Email Id column in Course Enrollment view.

176141 Backend => Manage Enrollments => Ability to change subscription end date using batch option.

175738 Backend => Attempts => Ability to change attempt status using batch option.

175415 CSV bulk option added for subscription extension.

177405 Merge columns of Paid course Report into Student Course Report and add one additional column showing the type of course.


175319 Integration plugins should not show on the Enrolment fields tab.

179490 Anyone can log in just by passing the username to the login API using Bearer Token.

178623 Frontend => While buying the course => show plans with their plan title.

178546 Backend=> Courses list view => Category show with Parent and child category and we can edit also.

178357 Backend =>Courses=> When a Category is filtered by its parent then it's not showing data with its child category.

177927 Certification first completion error.

177372 Deny direct access to media folder files.

176934 Backend => Student course report data and enrollments list data do not match.

176476 Backend => Manage Enrollments => New enrollment => while assigning due date it overrides the previous one.

175510 Add an eager to attribute to HTML zip lesson.

175801 kPoint resume not working.

176706 Frontend> Course > Lesson > PDF lesson not completed.

177367 User email preferences page - checkbox label displaying 1 for some JMailAlerts plugins.

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