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Ashwin is the Lead geek at Techjoomla. The CTO so to say :) Ashwin has been dabbling with Joomla since the Mambo days. He knows his way around PHP Frameworks - Wordpress, Drupal, Magento as well any kind of coding in general just as well as he knows Joomla. The Guy to go to when anyone is faced with a tech challenge, its also his job to make...

Ashwin is the Lead geek at Techjoomla. The CTO so to say :) Ashwin has been dabbling with Joomla since the Mambo days. He knows his way around PHP Frameworks - Wordpress, Drupal, Magento as well any kind of coding in general just as well as he knows Joomla. The Guy to go to when anyone is faced with a tech challenge, its also his job to make sure the code getting shipped is top notch !

Ashwin loves to travel, eat, cook and of course speak at Joomla Conferences! 


Search.. the way LinkedIn does


I think all of us admire the User Experience improvements all of the social networks are continuously doing. Facebook keeps pushing these tiny things and so does LinkedIn. One thing that LinkedIn has had probably from day 1 is the fantastic search. You can choose what to search - People/Companies/Jobs etc

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SocialAds 2.6 comes with a Variety of new features

Admin SocialAds Performance DashboardWe are pleased to bring you SocialAds 2.6 - packed with great features for Users, Admins & Developers !  One of the highlights is the awesome new dashboard for admins & site owners to see how much Ads are earning for you.  Plus you now get the power of Targeting plugins & with that you can now allow advertisors to target by JomSocial Profile Types (XIPT/ Native JomSocial) & also JomSocial Groups !

An now you get even more advertisng real estate with Advertising in Emails via J!MailAlerts. 

Thats not all ! Here's a full list of the superb features this release brings you ! We managed to get through over 120 bugs & features in this one !

  • Joomla 1.7 Support
  • Admin Revenue Dashboard
  • Profile Type Targeting plugins - Native & XIPT
  • JomSocial Groups Targeting Plugins
  • Advertising In Email Via J!MailAlerts
  • Show Estimated reach  - Ability to display the estimated number of people your Ad will reach, depending on the targeting chosen. Admins, if the site is new you can offset this amount from the Admin.
  • Performance Dashboard - Give your Advertisors the best . The Manage Ads view is revamped to include more information & a nifty Graph.
  • Weekly Statistics Mail -  Now Advertisers will get a Performance Update of their Ad via a weekly update email !
  • Alpha User Points Payment Gateway - Based on User contribution from Jose Vieira
  • Soft Registration Option for easy Ad creation for guests

For the full details of the changes in this version, please see the changelog below. Developers wanting to extend SocialAds targeting, watch out for our Targetting Plugin development docs coming soon ! Active Subscribers can download the release in "My Suibscriptions"

Not Using SocialAds to Monetize your site yet ? Buy it today

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SocialAds - A Quick Peek at version 2.6 releasing later this week

SocialAds 2.6 is all about nifty new features that will make SocialAds supremely more flexible & add more to the Wow value of your advertisers.

For Site owners & Admins

Awesome new Dashboard for tracking how much money you are making with SocialAds.

Admin SocialAds Performance Dashboard

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The REST api is now Joomla 1.6 compatible

We just made an awsome commit to our REST api on github. This has  introduced support for Joomla 1.6! Yes you can now use the super simple REST api on Joomla 1.6 as well! Get hold of the REST api on github - I hope all of you find this release useful. I can already imagine so many mobile app develo...

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Email Beautifier - Bye bye vanilla flavoured Joomla Mails


This time around, we have something that will make every Joomla site say - 'Hey why did I not have this all this time?' Introducing the Joomla 'Email Beautifier' which will help you say bye-bye to all vanilla flavored Joomla emails. How many of you have looked at the silly 'welcome email' and complained that it is so very un-cool? Gosh! I see so ma...

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SocialAds 2.5 Features - another teaser :)

Its been a while since we wrote the last blog post about SocialAds 2.5 & upcoming features. Last time we just showed you a little bit of what was planned. This blog post will take you through the rest of the planned features. We got very tied up with a lot of releases & klind of forgot to get this out !  SocilalAds 2.5 may come any moment now .. while you wait, here's what to expect :)

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Techjoomla Ties up with Open Source Training for Joomla Training In India. Schedule is now live !

Techjoomla has tied up with Open Source Training in order to enhance & extend our Joomla Training services in India. Starting April 2011, Techjoomla shall be conducting regular Joomla courses in cities & towns accross India. The Training courses have been specifically adapted to suit the needs of the Indian clientale. Starting from Joomla B...

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Something bubbling in SocialAds 2.5

Hey All !
Sorry to surprise you.. so soon with a Blog about SocialAds 2.5 just after the 2.0 Stable release.. While the Beta was out for testers, we weren't just sitting & waiting around for Bugs to arise..
We were already working on the next Major release of SocialAds thanks to a sponsor who agreed to chip in to get a lot of our features that were actually months ago done right away ! In fact, we plan to name the release after this client ! All I can tell you in the intro is that the changes in 2.5 are absolute dynamite.. We are packaging pure advertising power in this release to blow your mind away :) & make you even more money ;) To tease you even more, we are going to be doing a series of blog posts over the next few weeks & unravel one feature after another ! Over to Dipti for the details ..

Parth Lawate

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Adding Plugin triggers in your extensions. How & Why?


Why have plugin triggers?

The ability to add Plugin Triggers in your Joomla extensions, is a great asset to developers which is not always used to the fullest extent.. Having various Plugin events in your extension means that you give other developers the ability to extend your extension, or modify it to suit their requirements without having to hack core files. The same logic that is used by Joomla content plugins or JomSocial plugins etc can also be applied to your extensions.

Use of Plugin triggers when hacking/ modifying extensions

At Tekdi Web Solutions we do a lot of Joomla Service & get client needs to modify extensions left & right. Where possible this is always done using Plugins & overrides. But the time comes when a hack has to be made. To reduce the impact, instead of modifying the whole extension, we just add plugin triggers where needed & usually send back the modifications to the original developer where possible. This serves two purposes. One is that the code maintenance is way easier & its very easy to document & identify these small hacks. Secondly, there is always a chance that if the main dev accepts your patch, these "hacks" might become regularised in the future.  Even if they aren't, it's still much easier to re-patch the extension with plugin triggers.

So in order to share this knowledge, I asked one of our Developers, Shantanu to write a small blog about how you can go about adding triggers. Shantanu is just one of the new bloggers I shall be introducing to this blog in the next few weeks. So stay tuned for more!
Over to Shantanu for the same! Read on to read the full blog!

Parth Lawate

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J! Mail Alerts v1.1 released

We're pleased to announce the release of J! Mail Alerts v1.1 Following are the bugs fixed in this release - 1. Sync feature not working2. Email not being delivered to any user, even with last received dates set in the past Visit the following link to know more about J! Mail Alerts and to download the component for free!

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J!Growl - Realtime Notifications for Everything!

TechJoomla Labs is proud to present you with J!Growl.

So, What is J!Growl?

J!Growl is a real time notification system for any kind of notification in Joomla. Simple things examples might be a Growl alert when a a user logs in, or when you get a new message,etc..

We have created J!Growl in such a way that it can be completely customized. It can well be integrated with other components to display their own custom notifications via plugins.

J!Growl gives developers the opportunity to create their own plugins. These plugins can add their own custom notificastions to the site. We will be providing a developer documentation to help you in this.

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Cool Screenshots of the upcoming Invitex extension

We cant wait to show you the new Invitex extension.. Check out the cool screen shots :)  

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JBolo Touched!

Yes, its official. JBolo, the chatting extension for Joomla! is soon to be integrated with Mighty Extension's PeopleTouch. Currently JBolo can be integrated with Joomla!, JomSocial and Community Builder. While we are busy making all the required changes to the component, feel free to add your own suggestions and comments..

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December 2009 Newsletter

Email not displaying correctly? View it in your browser.Dear [NAME], It gives us great pleasure in bringing you the Newsletter for December 2009. So lets get on with it ! JBolo! V2.6 out - Groups integration & support for CB Super Activity After weeks of working on these cool new features, we are very exited to bring you the latest release of J...

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Upcoming Features in Jbolo !

You must have been thinking that we have been pretty quiet lately..

Well.. Not quite..

We have been getting hoards of feature requests & reports for Jbolo & we have been working hard on getting all these in releases as fast as possible. This is an overview of what we have been upto & what you can expect in the next releases.

Continue for Full details.


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