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SocialAds - A Quick Peek at version 2.6 releasing later this week

SocialAds 2.6 is all about nifty new features that will make SocialAds supremely more flexible & add more to the Wow value of your advertisers.

For Site owners & Admins

Awesome new Dashboard for tracking how much money you are making with SocialAds.

Admin SocialAds Performance Dashboard


  • Allow Advertisors to target by XIPT/ Native JomSocial Profile types & by JomSocial Groups
  • Increase the advertising real estate & reach using Email Ads in J!MailAlerts. P.S. If you want to use Ads in other Newsletter systems like Acy Mailing etc, send us a custom development request.
    Email Advertising using SocialAds & J!MailAlerts

For Advertisers

  • Estimated reach : Ability to display the estimated number of people your Ad will reach, depending on the targeting chosen. Admins, if the site is new you can offset this amount from the Admin.
  • Performance Dashboard : The Manage Ads view is revamped to include more information & a nifty Graph.
    SocialAds Manage Ads Dashboard
  • Better Stats on the individual Ad pages with Date filers.
    Awesome Stats in SocialAds
  • Weekly Statistics Mail :  Now Advertisers will get a Performance Update of their Ad via a weekly update email !
    SocialAds Weekly Stats Email

For Developers

  • Targeting Plugins : Want to Extend SocialAds Targeting to satisfy certain conditions other than simple fields, you can develop your own targeting plugin ! We are releasing 2 such plugins with this release. One for JomSocial / XIPT Profile Types & Another for JomSocial Groups.

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