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Ashwin is the Lead geek at Techjoomla. The CTO so to say :) Ashwin has been dabbling with Joomla since the Mambo days. He knows his way around PHP Frameworks - Wordpress, Drupal, Magento as well any kind of coding in general just as well as he knows Joomla. The Guy to go to when anyone is faced with a tech challenge, its also his job to make...

Ashwin is the Lead geek at Techjoomla. The CTO so to say :) Ashwin has been dabbling with Joomla since the Mambo days. He knows his way around PHP Frameworks - Wordpress, Drupal, Magento as well any kind of coding in general just as well as he knows Joomla. The Guy to go to when anyone is faced with a tech challenge, its also his job to make sure the code getting shipped is top notch !

Ashwin loves to travel, eat, cook and of course speak at Joomla Conferences! 


Techjoomla football bonanza. Daily prizes to be won!

We already have an offer going on for FIFA World Cup 2014. We will be giving Flat 30% off on all products. However as the football fever is heating up we thought of making it more interesting and give away free subscriptions daily. Guess the winner for each quarter-final matches and win prizes. Quarter-final match starting from 4th july. 1 day...

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Celebrate FIFA World Cup 2014 with Techjoomla!

Here's your chance to get 30% OFF!! The heat is on & football fever is in the air .. and its hit is Hard ! So hard that we are giving huge discounts on our subscriptions & also giving away several extension subscriptions for free !   Here's a Quick look at the competition.   Ah Discounts !! Where do I Sign up ?  Signing ...

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People Suggest 1.4.3 brings support for EasySocial !

People Suggest 1.4.3 is here with EasySocial support and much more ! Since People suggest is new to the EasySocial community, we will give you a quick introduction of what its all about. A Social Network be it a major player like facebook or a specific niche network, thrives on the relations the people involved in it establish with each other. In fact it wouldn't be a ‘Network’ at all if there were no ‘connections’ or ‘relations’ between its members.


Social Networks are more or less completely dependent on their members to create and share content and keep it alive. The users in the network contribute content because they want to share it with their connections. In fact since Social networks are so peer driven, the more connections a user has, the less likely he or she is to leave your network.

The more the connections, the more healthy your Social Network is likely to be.

People suggest is just the ingredient you need to make this happen. A intuitive suggestion is all it takes to get your members to start connecting to each other. They key is in making a suggestion that’s accurate.

People Suggest comes enriched with a multitude of connection suggestion algorithms based on the user’s profile information, the friends they have, their mutual friends, the people they have invited, actual recommendations & much more which are used in combination or individually as per your preference to give uncannily useful suggestions !

People Suggest also has integrations for Community Builder and JomSocial with the same awesome set of features !

Additional features like Matchmaking mode & User preferences for suggestions, its the perfect tool for Dating websites too !

Read on for the complete details of EasySocial 1.43 and the EasySocial Integration !! 

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Quick2cart 2.1.3 with jLike integration which brings likes, comments & more!


When people buy products from an online store, user reviews & ratings are one of the most important factors that are considering in making the Buy decision. Reviews are very much like comments & reviews very much like 'likes & unlikes'. Quick2Cart 2.1.3 brings you comments & like support with a tight integration with our product jLike.  


We recently released jLike 1.1 which adds support for Comments. This means all the extensions that jLike integrates with get the added feature of commenting that you can switch on if you want to! 

In addition, this Quick2cart also fixes quite a few bugs. Do read on for the complete Changelog. 

Buy Quick2Cart Buy jLike Demo 

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Techjoomla Football Fever!!

Hello! Guys, As the world cup is here, you all must be excited about who will be the winning team and so are we. Let’s celebrate FIFA world cup in a different way this time. Football has always been a great game to play, lot of enthusiasm and team spirit. FIFA fever has bit Techjoomla team really hard and we all are going gaga over this. So Techjoo...

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jLike 1.1 gives you power to comment and express more!

jLike is all about the relationship between a user & content. We are always looking at enhancing and enriching that relationship. Till now you were able to like & dislike content, you could add your personalized notes & also put content into your own lists for better organisation.

Sometimes however, just showing that you like or dislike some content is not enough. You need more freedom to express yourselves. With jLike 1.1, we give you just that !

We bring you comments !


Comments are a great way to relate with content & share with everyone what you feel about it. Commenting evolves discussions around content & creates social virility around content enriching in so many ways. Text is good to express but smilies are better ! You can use them to express yourself even better ! 

Besides this mega feature, this version introduces many more features like a cool new dashboard, display modules & a tight EasySocial integration to mention just a few of them !  Go on & read the full blog for the complete scoop !

Buy Now Joomla Demo JomSocial demo EasySocial Demo CB Demo

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5+2 Reasons to Buy JomSocial Essentials Pack

Hello! Guys I am writing this blog let you know that we’ve Different Bundles which contain Combination of different extensions. So, if you buy a bundle you’ll be getting benefits of many extensions in one bundle. This blog is about JomSocial Essentials Pack. These are the reasons why you should buy JomSocial Essentials Pack: 1) SocialAds: This exte...

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Clone html element using jquery

Hello! Guys, This blog is about adding multiple html elements using jQuery and display the cloned field. If you are a developer, you might be interested in this. Hope this Helps! :) So this is Quick guide to create multiple fields as many as with in minimum efforts Lets' code! Step by step : A. Add jQuery file from Google API and add required styli...

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Sorting Nested List using jQuery

Hello! This is informative Blog for Sorting Nested List using jQuery.  If you want to sort elements of UL/LI in another UL/LI using drag and drop, Here is a quick guide to achieve that. Here is the basic html for nested list: <div class="div-containing-list" > <ul id="main-list" class="main-list"> <li id="sortable1" class="conne...

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Add automatic updates to your extensions with Akeeba Release System (ARS) & Native Joomla updates

Add automatic updates to your extensions with Akeeba Release System (ARS) & Native Joomla updates

Joomla has introduced an awesome update mechanism since Joomla 2.5 and with Joomla 3.0 it has become extremely stable & easy to use. This not only lets you update your Joomla installation with one click, but also makes a method available for extension developers to let you update extensions easily.  If you are a Joomla extension developer &...

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Quick2cart 2.1.2 is here!




 We have released Quick2Cart version 2.1.2 which contains bug fixes for reported bugs. Please check the changelog given below.

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Easysocial App - First Preview

First of all, thank you for the interest and the encouragement you have been showing towards the Easysocial mobile app.As promised here's an update with a quick video of the app in action. At this point, we have completed the planned functionality for the first release. We're still working on hammering down the design and adding some more wow to the UI & navigation, but do take a look at the video below and let us know how it feels! 

For more convenience we've added screenshots also:

1. Login Page


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Sneak Peek At jLike 1.1

Hello! Its been a long time that there has been any release for jLike. However, the wait is over now. Our team is coming up with a new version jLIke 1.1. jLIke 1.1 will be having some awesome improvements in UI and will be power packed with a lot of features. We’ve taken jLike to a next level this time and the release will be soon. Some features th...

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Amazon Cloudfront or S3 - What should I use ?

I've often seen confusion about these two - Amazon S3 vs Cloudfront. People do get confused on what is the best option for them, and I don't blame them. The whole Amazon jungle is a tough one to navigate around! I always find myself writing long emails or having long conversations explaining the difference. We were very recently planning a Joomla 1...

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Getting back your DISQUS comments after a site migration


Lot of us love to have DISQUS comments on our sites. It's one of those hosted commenting systems that adds virality to all content and comments on your site. Techjoomla uses DISQUS too, and during our recent site upgrade we had a challenge ensuring that our comments get carried over since the migration meant that the links/URLs to all our pages got...

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