Intelligent and Intuitive Networking suggestions for JomSocial, Community Builder and EasySocial
Increase your social network by suggesting friends to your friends, meet people you may know, people with common interests. You might end up meeting a perfect partner... This what People Suggest is all about..!
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People Suggest

Facebook and LinkedIn have more than proven the importance of having an intelligent suggestion system to enhance the depth of connections in a Social network. The more connections your users will make, the more deeply they are engaged with your community. This goes a long way in increasing their loyalty towards your network. 

With Multiple logic algorithms powering suggestions and a powerful suite of tools to engage your users,  People suggest is a tool your Social Network can't afford not to have !

 Features Overview

Admin Features

Profile Based Suggestions

People suggest scans the important fields from your user's profiles in order to find people who they are most likely to have an interest in connecting with. The Admin can choose which fields should be used for matching.

Frontend Features

People You May Know

We do an advanced Mutual Friend analysis of all your current connections or Friends and their connections in order to find people you are most likely to know.

Recomended Friends

This feature is a product in itself. With this, your friends can actually suggest or recommend people you should be friends with. Since these are suggestions actually suggested by real people, these are given the highest priority in display by default.

When a user gives a recommendation, a notification via email and a Native Social networking notification is sent to the user in supported extensions (currently only JomSocial) informing them about the suggestion.

Matchmaking Support For Profile Based Suggestions

Have a site that needs Dating or match making features, you can use the match making option in the Profile based suggestions ( Network Suggest) mode to setup the module to show matches of the opposite gender.

Invitex Integration To Find People You Might Know

This is an extremely powerful feature which can give uncannily accurate suggestions. It analyses the people you have imported for inviting to the site in order to show you suggestions. Since these are based on the data actually shared by the user, they are extremely accurate.

Make sure you let your users know that you are storing this data if you decide to switch this on.

User Control On Suggestions

In the Network suggest mode, we allow the user to set his or her own preferences for suggestions to show. They can control which search queries we should fire to find the best matches for them.

Admin can control which fields are to be made available to the user for this.

Integrates Out Of The Box With JomSocial, EasySocial and Community Builder.

People Suggest is a pure Social Network product and needs that one of the supported extensions viz. JomSocial, EasySocial or CB is installed on your site in order to use this.

Multiple Copies With Varied Configurations

You can make as many copies of the People suggest module as you want and configure each copy of the People suggest module in a variety of flexible ways.
You can choose a copy to only run in Network suggest or People you may know mode Or do only one copy with configurations to display suggestions as per set priority.
People suggest comes with a host of configuration options. You can choose which algorithms to use for suggestions, choose whether you want to show only people with Photos, decide if you want to show names or usernames etc.

Suggestions By Priority Or Random Suggestions

You can choose to use all suggestion algorithms in order of importance to show the best possible suggestions or choose to just show random ones.

Matrix Layouts For Maximum Flexibility Of Display

Templates and template positons vary a lot. Sometimes you might just have a small single column to show your modules or in some cases you might have a large area.

With Matrix Layouts, you can show suggestions in a rows and columns as suited to your needs.

Ignore Suggestions Or Add As Friend

A Suggestion is Bothering you..? Give your users the power to ignore suggestions. Once ignored that suggestion is not shown again to that user. That way he can see fresh suggestions all the time. In the future, we will use ignore data to further improve suggestions.

You can of course choose to accept the suggestion and add the user as a friend right there from the module itself.

JBolo Chat Integration

Take your suggestions to the next level by letting your users chat directly with the suggested user using the Builtin JBolo chat integration. Launch the chat then and there with a single click !

Show Reason For Suggestions

If you enable this, the user is shown the reasons based on which the suggestion was made to him or her along with the logic system used to make the suggestion, when you hover over the suggestion.

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