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People Suggest 1.4.3 brings support for EasySocial !

People Suggest 1.4.3 is here with EasySocial support and much more ! Since People suggest is new to the EasySocial community, we will give you a quick introduction of what its all about. A Social Network be it a major player like facebook or a specific niche network, thrives on the relations the people involved in it establish with each other. In fact it wouldn't be a ‘Network’ at all if there were no ‘connections’ or ‘relations’ between its members.


Social Networks are more or less completely dependent on their members to create and share content and keep it alive. The users in the network contribute content because they want to share it with their connections. In fact since Social networks are so peer driven, the more connections a user has, the less likely he or she is to leave your network.

The more the connections, the more healthy your Social Network is likely to be.

People suggest is just the ingredient you need to make this happen. A intuitive suggestion is all it takes to get your members to start connecting to each other. They key is in making a suggestion that’s accurate.

People Suggest comes enriched with a multitude of connection suggestion algorithms based on the user’s profile information, the friends they have, their mutual friends, the people they have invited, actual recommendations & much more which are used in combination or individually as per your preference to give uncannily useful suggestions !

People Suggest also has integrations for Community Builder and JomSocial with the same awesome set of features !

Additional features like Matchmaking mode & User preferences for suggestions, its the perfect tool for Dating websites too !

Read on for the complete details of EasySocial 1.43 and the EasySocial Integration !! 


b2ap3_thumbnail_f_1378809912.pngEasySocial Integration

EasySocial is the fastest growing social network extension for Joomla! today It gives you the power to start a social network for Joomla websites, fast and easy.

People Suggest brings an incredibly intelligent network suggestions tool to EasySocial. If you have a EasySocial Network, this is seriously a product you have to have ! This is what you are going to get in a nutshell.

  1. Manual Recommendations : Ability to let users recommend their friends other people they might know on the site
  2. Automated Intelligent People you may know suggestions based on Mutual friend analysis and invited people analysis
  3. Connection Recommendations based on User’s Profile fields like location and interests which are completely configurable for the admin
  4. Recommendations based on User’s preferences. Through this the User can choose to set specific preferences for what kind of people should be recommended for him or her.
  5. Matchmaking Support for Dating sites.
  6. Ability to create multiple copies and use it in any of the above modes or in combination mode for higher accuracy & much more !

You can look at the full list of features available for People Suggest here.

Improved User Interface

A complete new user interface with bootstrap which you are sure to love !



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