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SocialAds 2.6 comes with a Variety of new features

Admin SocialAds Performance DashboardWe are pleased to bring you SocialAds 2.6 - packed with great features for Users, Admins & Developers !  One of the highlights is the awesome new dashboard for admins & site owners to see how much Ads are earning for you.  Plus you now get the power of Targeting plugins & with that you can now allow advertisors to target by JomSocial Profile Types (XIPT/ Native JomSocial) & also JomSocial Groups !

An now you get even more advertisng real estate with Advertising in Emails via J!MailAlerts. 

Thats not all ! Here's a full list of the superb features this release brings you ! We managed to get through over 120 bugs & features in this one !

  • Joomla 1.7 Support
  • Admin Revenue Dashboard
  • Profile Type Targeting plugins - Native & XIPT
  • JomSocial Groups Targeting Plugins
  • Advertising In Email Via J!MailAlerts
  • Show Estimated reach  - Ability to display the estimated number of people your Ad will reach, depending on the targeting chosen. Admins, if the site is new you can offset this amount from the Admin.
  • Performance Dashboard - Give your Advertisors the best . The Manage Ads view is revamped to include more information & a nifty Graph.
  • Weekly Statistics Mail -  Now Advertisers will get a Performance Update of their Ad via a weekly update email !
  • Alpha User Points Payment Gateway - Based on User contribution from Jose Vieira
  • Soft Registration Option for easy Ad creation for guests

For the full details of the changes in this version, please see the changelog below. Developers wanting to extend SocialAds targeting, watch out for our Targetting Plugin development docs coming soon ! Active Subscribers can download the release in "My Suibscriptions"

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Full Change Log

This is a very long change log ! Tons of fixes & small features here & there :)

Task #3793: Add Ad Preview on Frontend
Task #4339: the edit ad in ad summary should be shown as a button an there should no styling for it
Task #4768: Create Ad link is not shown unless there is atleast one ad present..
Task #4937: add a delete Ad button in the Manage ad view
Task #5113: unable to fetch module params in the component in 1.6
Task #5134: Installation and configuration of targeting plugin
Task #5139: Creating grouptargeting plugin
Task #5140: Show Plugins in Admin Configure Targeting view
Task #5145: Get plugins of the type SocialAds-targetting – This will output plugin names & status
Task #5146: Construct a form which shows plugin name, description & Status ( in checkbox)
Task #5147: Save Plugin status in admin configure Targeting View
Task #5148: make example plugin & test
Task #5149: Add Frontend Targeting triggers
Task #5150: Add Module helper trigger
Task #5151: make example query & test output
Task #5152: Get Groups & render HTML
Task #5153: Save Groups against ad
Task #5154: Test with Edit view
Task #5155: Add Module condition query in plugin function
Task #5202: Add Frontend Targeting triggers
Task #5203: add plugin funtions & test display
Task #5204: Get Profile Types & render HTML
Task #5205: Save Profile Types against ad
Task #5206: Get Profile Types & render HTML
Task #5207: Save Profile Types against ad xipt
Task #5208: Test with Edit view for xipt targeting plugin
Task #5209: Test with Edit view for jspt targeting plugin
Task #5222: blank params saving for plugin even if it is not selected
Task #5257: Complete Language file needs to be checked for grammatical correctness
Task #5364: reset Configure Targeting then error on frontend
Task #5409: add language file for plug_jsprofiletargeting
Task #5418: Show Totals on Admin Ad Orders view
Task #5438: managead page show session fileds value when not tarrgeting
Task #5461: call ajax and HTML changes in build ad page
Task #5462: changes in controller and to make query of match against
Task #5599: make Query for CB to calculate reach
Task #5600: make absolute position for div of Reach
Task #5601: Config to select the options in the Ad type select box
Task #5702: socialAds 1.6 conversion of plug_jsprofiletargeting
Task #5703: socialAds 1.6 conversion of plug_xiprofiletargeting
Task #5704: socialAds 1.6 conversion of plug_grouptargeting
Task #5744: In backend configure targetting was not saving..
Task #5782: Make changes in Ad order view
Task #5950: change the display of payment details in showad view
Task #5951: change the msg displayed on importfileds view (see the msg)
Task #5960: Allow zero payment if the coupon causes negative value
Task #5972: Changes in SA for JMail integration
Task #5973: Make changes in Adshelper file to take the params passed by Jmailplugin
Task #5974: Fetch the array of relevant ads for SA adshelper in the plugin
Task #5975: Show the ads using SA function
Task #5976: insert the impression trackin img in the ad display
Task #5988: support cb lang constants used as fields options
Task #6007: change the msg "This is how your Ad will look like" to "This is how your Ad will look"
Task #6008: change the msg for negative bal after applying coupon
Task #6009: Display msg when redirect from the payment process to manage ad page
Task #6022: Ad Reach display needs to have config setting
Task #6023: Ad orders should have gateway filter also add sorting for fields
Task #6027: All links should be compatible with sh404 and joomla SEF refrence [Ticket no 2729]
Task #6031: latest created ads should be seen on the top in the list
Task #6047: change addr of mails being send to admin
Task #6060: notice on cb integration
Task #6065: Show message in backend if CB is installed but userdefined fields not present in CB
Task #6067: Rearrange the list view of ads
Task #6075: Error in adshelper.php on line 106
Task #6140: There should be some standard space/gaps between in ad preview
Task #6141: Modifcations to Ad Approval & Payment done mail.
Task #6143: Modifacation to frontend Manage ad view
Task #6144: Add line chart for summary of all ads showing clks & imprs in Manage ad view
Task #6174: Log the response sent by
Task #6175: send all the fields in the form to
Task #6176: Display msg on redirect showing the payment sattus from the payment plugin
Task #6177: check the behaviour when only one zone is present
Task #6178: should be able to create ad when only one zone of any ad type is present
Task #6332: Test SA on J!1.7
Task #6456: show currency on both pie chart and bar chart
Task #6459: Show msg when zone pricing is disabled in zone manager
Task #6462: Module parameter to show the create ad link for logged out users
Task #6498: delete the temporary images
Task #6499: Add the text box in config for intro text in the weekly stats mail
Task #6500: add tooltip to toolbar buttons in manage ad view.
Task #6549: Implement soft registration when click on create ad link for guest users
Task #6550: allow admin to give the key in the settings for the URLs
Task #6551: authenticate the key given in the url with the config key
Task #6627: use langauge constant for registration mail sent via SocialAds
Task #6668: Dashboard view shows error related to order by column
Task #6670: img not showing while editing ads in managead view
Task #6671: when integration is none still the targeting plugins should be able to target
Task #6710: Give config to Show registration form to guest users
Task #6712: display msg of no of unused images deleted only on cron run
Task #6713: load jquery.float.js only when display reach config is set
Task #6715: include SA plugin for JmailAlert in package
Task #6740: include alpha user points plugin in package
Task #6748: credits assigned to ad even if AUP rule is unpublished
Task #6753: add a link to download AUP rule in alpha points plugin
Task #6764: correct the name of registration view /model/controller
Task #6767: give estimate reach border and make static style
Task #6768: added langauge constant for ADLINKGUEST in module
Task #6791: supress error "JUser::_load: Unable to load user" if user does not exists
Task #6794: change name of estimated reach count to Estimated Reach Offset
Task #6795: added Delete Images linkin installer file
Task #6796: give tooltip to preview button
Task #6797: Delete confirm box not working for managead List view in J1.6 and J1.7
Task #6798: Changes to the common installer to preserve the earlier status of the plugins
Task #6800: some module params missing if v2.6 installed
Task #6803: Name of Payment plguins in Ad orders filter according to the plugin params
Task #6804: Change behaviour of targeting plugins in configure targeting view
Task #6816: add a position for login module in soft registration view
Feedback #3369: Pricing - Message for enabling payment plugins
Feedback #5389: Frontend collective Reporting Dashboard
Feature #3602: Ad Stats view should have a Start & end Date filter.
Feature #3687: Add Interactive charts on the frontend
Feature #3794: Color Code Approved Pending
Feature #4703: sort the ads alphabetically in Manage ad (refer ticket #2315)
Feature #5313: Show ignore reasons to advertisor on the frontend
Feature #5392: Per Ad Report - Add Google Interactive Charts & date filter
Feature #5393: Backend Dashboard For reporting like Virtuemart Dashboard - 50% implementation
Feature #5395: Click throuh Ratio stat on all dashboards & Tables related to clicks & impressions
Feature #5400: Delete Ads in Backend
Feature #5401: Display Ad Reach
Feature #5403: Zone Filter for Ads on the Frontend & Backend
Feature #5407: Weekly Stats Report Email
Feature #5444: Integration of Alphauserpoints as a payment gateway
Feature #5622: Show ignores on Graph & Also plot reasons on the graph

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