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J!MailAlerts V2.4 is here with Data tags, Ads in Email & Joomla 1.7 Support !

JmailAlertsJ!MailAlerts 2.4 is now available & comes with a host of bug fixes & addition of 2 Major features.With this version we add the ability to pass data to the plugin tags & use the tags multiple times in the JMA template. For instance, you can now use the JMA latest news tags like [jma_latestnews_js|secid=1|catid=1,3,32] & pass it the parameters that are normally stored in the plugin params ( just like you would with Joomla content plugins) . This adds a mightly lot of flexibility to JMA plugins. Please read the documentation in this relation.

The second Big feature is the ability to send insert Ads ( using our SocialAds extension) in JMA Mails. So now your advertisements can reach your users via email even if they havent visited your site in a while. You can configure the SocialAds JMA plugin to show ads from specific zones in positions you can set in your template using tags. Special care has been taken that an user will never be sent an email only containing Ads. The SA plugin shall only be triggered if there is any other content to send. More details about this will follow in the SocialAds release in a couple of days. The plugin will be part of the SocialAds package.

Another small feature is the addition of a CSS Editor in the JMA template editor. This will make it dead easy to change your JMA template. Just paste the html part of the template in the normal editor & paste the CSS in the CSS window.  Besides these there are tons of other fixes & small features. Plus there is Jooma 1.7 Support !

Update Instructions :  Please note that we are now generating a random Cron Secret Key on every install to ensure your security. So Please update your cron job according to this new key after you upgrade.

All Paid & free plugins have been updated & are available for Download. Please read on for the full changelog. Please note that ver 2.4.1 has been released to fix a bug with the url in simulating the emails

Full Change Log

This is a very long change log ! Tons of fixes & small features here & there :)

Core component related changelog

6135 Bug Any deselected plugin in frontend gets hidden/removed when user saves his preferences.
6029 Task Added Support for special plugins(like Social ads plugin for JMA)
5938 Task Added Support for multiple instances of JMA plugin tags & passing Data in Tags
5935 Task Email Processing is made more efficient
5933 Task On Installing Extension & enabling plugins,you should see the list of Plugin options on the frontend without having to Sync
5928 Feature Css Editor along with HTML Editor for email template
5710 Bug Dont send emails to deleted/blocked users
5709 Bug Fixed batch processing not followed in some cases
5435 Bug Email template editor goes blank in chrome
4881 Bug PHP Short Tags used In ../views/emails/tmpl/default.php
4583 Bug when not SYNCed frontent looks white
3561 Bug check for blocked users while sending emails
3525 Bug Wrong documentation link in backend configuration instructions tab
3454 Task change lang. string "pulgin' to 'plugin'
3206 Bug sqlmultilistx IF NO RESULTS exists shows warning
3006 Task Add missing language constants for the backend.
2891 Bug When there is a SMTP error when sending the email, log still says email sent

Plugins in general-

Bug #6654 SEF urls not working (FIXED for all plugins)
Bug #6714 Error sqlmultilistx not defined (FIXED in all plugins having this bug)

Free Plugins Changelog(Given Plugin Wise)

K2 plugin for JMA (3)
6482 Task Add configuration option "Show category image?"
6480 Bug Notice: Undefined variable: Itemid in blah_blah/plugins/emailalerts/jma_latest_content_k2.php on line 80
5768 Feature Show category wise output for k2 plugin

EventList JMA plugin (2)
6486 Task Add configuration option "Select EventList component version?"
6485 Task EventList plugin not working with latest release of EventList component

Latest News JMA plugin (2)
6449 Feature Show date and author for each news item
6448 Feature Show category wise output

Latest Users Plugin (3)
6244 Feature add a configuration option "Select what to show? Name Username"
6168 Feature Add the option in the plugin backend to only show latest users with photo
6003 Bug Latest users photo layout breaks if users are different than 5

SOBI2 plugin JMA (2)
6564 Bug SOBI2: a listing entered in "n" categories shown "n" times in the email alert.
6493 Feature Add new configuration options(1. Show listing image? 2.Show listing image from gallery plugin? ALSO 2 views implimented one for images and other without images)

Paid Plugins Changelog(Given Plugin Wise)

JMA Easy Blog (1)
6558 Task Show author and date in easy blog plugin output

JS Group Activity Plugin (1)
6548 Task Add New Configuration for "Enter number of activites to show for each alert type(photo,video etc..) in each group"

Network Suggest JS JMA plugin (4)
6479 Bug Gender field is not shown in some jom-social installations
6422 Bug JSPT and XIPT integrations not working in plugin version 2.3
6421 Feature Add new option to "Show only the users with avatar?"
6136 Feature add option for show username or show name

Pending Connections JS plugin (1)
6424 Feature add a configuration option "Select what to show? Name Username"

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