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Celebrate the festive season with Techjoomla Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals


We are happy to bring you our the most significant deal of the year. Now is the time of the year to shop for your favorite products. Celebrate Black Friday and Cyber Monday by grabbing some awesome deals on our extensions and bundles. Get 25% off on all Techjoomla products and 10% off on all Techjoomla bundles.

For Techjoomla products

Use Coupon Code: TJBF2K18

Validity: 23th Nov to 28th Nov,2018

For Techjoomla bundles

Use Coupon Code: TJCM2K18

Validity: 23th Nov to 28th Nov,2018

Grab this Deal on Products!   Grab This Deal on Bundles!

Also listing the best deals that some of our partners are offering as well, so you get everything under one roof.

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Security release updates for JTicketing, JGive and Invitex plus bug fix release for JBolo


We always aim to keep our customers’ sites free from any vulnerabilities, so our security team is continuously trying to make Techjoomla products safer. As a part of this, we recently discovered some issues with JGive, JTicketing and Invitex. An updated version for these 3 products is now available, and all our customers are requested to immediately upgrade to the newer versions.

Along with the security fixes, a few minor enhancements are included in some of the extensions. With these releases, we’re also making it easy for you to know if you’re using an old version. Additionally, we’re also making a bug-fix release for JBolo.

Read on for more information regarding the exciting renewal discount.

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Techjoomla products compatibility update with Easysocial 2.0!

Techjoomla products compatibility update with Easysocial 2.0!

Techjoomla products are now compatible with Easysocial 2.0! Here is the entire list of products compatible with Easysocial 2.0. JGiveQuick2CartSocialAdsJBoloJTicketingInvitexShikaPeople Suggest

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JGive nEXT - revamped UX, Activity stream and more!

JGive nEXT - revamped UX, Activity stream and more!

UX redesign is going to be a major focus for upcoming major releases of Techjoomla products. JGive will be one of the first to get these improvements. As part of this exercise we are taking a fresh look at how customers use the product and are letting this drive the design and new features.

We hope this new approach will take our products to a new level. Here’s a quick look at the new designs and related features. It would be great if you guys can give us your comments on the same.

The roll out of this new UI/UX and related features will happen in the next few version of the jGive 2x series. Note that not all improvements will come in a single release and will be spread out over multiple ones.

Read on to get the full scoop !

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