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Techjoomla is a proud sponsor for the global Joomla Pizza, Bugs and Fun event

Techjoomla is a proud sponsor for the global Joomla Pizza, bugs and fun event

Techjoomla is proud to be a sponsor for the global Joomla Pizza, Bugs and Fun event to be conducted on 19th October 2019. We have been associated with the Pizza, Bugs and Fun event for more than 8 years. We had blogged about the event in 2014, 2013 and 2011 This year’s global Joomla Pizza, bugs and fun event holds special significance. Joomla 4.0 i...

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Techjoomla is sponsoring CMS Africa Summit 2018


CMS Africa has become one of the premier technology events in Africa that brings together people across the globe including web developers, online marketers, software engineers, online retailers, web administrators, online banking admins and company owners. Initially, it all started with a small event called Joomladay Kenya - an event about Joomla!-the CMS. But then people in the tech-world weren’t  just using Joomla, they were also using other CMS’s like WordPress, Drupal among others. This idea eventually led to first CMS Africa Summit that was held at Strathmore Univerisity, Nairobi in 2014.

CMS Africa Summit 2018 is going to be held at the Kigali Marriott Hotel in Kigali, Rwanda on 16th-17th March, 2018. The event will feature hackathons and sessions by key speakers from people across the CMS world along with interactions and knowledge sharing between the event attendees on a variety of topics. 

Read on for more details and some amazing news for event attendees.

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Techjoomla is sponsoring Joomla World Conference 3 years in a row!


The Joomla World Conference is a key annual event for all Joomlers/people associated with Joomla in way or another.

Techjoomla has been working in the in the Joomla space since the days of Mambo and we are all extremely passionate about working with and contributing to this fantastic project.

We are delighted to be a sponsor for the Joomla World Conference 2017, back to back for 3 years now !

Joomla World Conference 2017 is going to be held in Sheraton Roma Hotel & Conference Center, Rome, Italy, on 17-19 November, 2017.  Parth, our CEO shall be attending the event and talking about Rapid development with Horizontal / infrastructure extensions in Joomla. If you are planning to attend the event, do say hi !  

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