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Programatically delete Zoo items


While developing a custom frontend for Authors to manage their own content, we needed to let them delete their own items. The Quick & Dirty way of doing this is by executing some delete queries on zoo related tables. But that's not the right & elegant way to do it.

The right way is to use the Zoo API & do this in 3-4 lines of code against 20-30 lines of the dirty code.

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How to Copy Zoo Items programmatically


In our last Post in the Zoo series, we looked at deleting records programmatically. Copying zoo item is not as easy as deleting records. You should have all the details including the zoo category of the zoo item which you want to copy. First, you should have all data of a zoo record. We have used the item API which gives zoo item's data & getRelatedCategoryIds which tells the relation of a zoo item to the categories.

Let's get the zoo records data first

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Quick2Cart - Flexible eCommerce for Joomla is in the Labs!


Why Another Cart?

In all the years we have been working in Joomla. Be it in Product development or Providing services to customers, we have always felt the need for a flexible, scalable Shopping cart solution. There are lots of Carts in the market, but for most applications, they are just too huge & come with a lot of overheads. Since we couldn't find anything that fits the bill, we decided to Build one ourselves.

We decided that at least at first, we don't want to do the Product management. So we have provided integrations with Just about all the CCKs that Joomla has at the moment, including Joomla Content as well as a Widget that you can place just about anywhere. Which means you can use any system of your choice to manage your Products.

With Quick2Cart, we shall concentrate on a fast & easy checkout process with all the necessary bells & whistles like Discounting, Shipping, Taxation & Lots.. we really mean lots of Payment Gateways. 

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