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Quick2Cart is here!


It's a great pleasure to announce (finally ;)) that our super flexible E-commerce solution for Joomla is here! For those who haven't heard about this yet, here's a recap!

In all the years we have been working in Joomla, we have continuously been frustrated with the lack of a shopping cart solution that's plug & play & at the same time is robust & scalable. There are lots of Carts in the market. But for most applications, they are just too huge & come with a lot of overheads.

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Quick2Cart Update!


Its been a while since we gave you an update on Quick2Cart. I got an email today morning asking about updates & I realized we hadn't posted a blog in a while. So here it goes! In the past few weeks, we have been tweaking Quick2Cart based on results on the various production sites as well as Beta tester inputs that we have been getting. We have ...

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Quick2Cart Beta 2 Out!


Hello Everyone!

With lots of more features added and tons of bug fixes done Quick2Cart Beta 2 is out! Check out the following changelog

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Planning the Quick2Cart 2.2 Release! Tell us what you think!

Planning the Quick2Cart 2.2 Release! Tell us what you think!

We just finished the initial planning for Quick2Cart 2.2. As always we want to know what you think & want your feedback for the next awesome release!   We are planning to work in 1-week sprints & will try to make feature alphas available for testing every other week. We expect to have the major development wrapped up in around 6 weeks barri...

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Adding Multi-Vendor Taxation & Enhanced Shipping Management in Quick2Cart 2.2

Adding Multi-Vendor Taxation & Enhanced Shipping Management in Quick2Cart 2.2

As promised earlier this week, we are here with a blog detailing how we plan to implement Multi-Vendor taxation & shipping in Quick2Cart. It also includes details of how full-fledged shipping Shipping configuration, including weight-based calculations & 3PD shipping, will be handled. In order to make it completely flexible, we are making all configurations available on a Store level so that a vendor can have an independent configuration for each of his stores ( if you are also using Multi-Store) 

With this, we are also starting an exercise to better manage Shipping & taxation in Joomla in general. Just like payments, there are thousands of shipping providers with their own APIs and similar ones for tax calculation are cropping up. We hope that our work in this will lead to Common APIs for Shipping & taxation which can be used by the entire community. 

As always, your suggestions are welcome. Do comment on the blog & post any comments you might have. 

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Quick2cart 2.1.2 is here!




 We have released Quick2Cart version 2.1.2 which contains bug fixes for reported bugs. Please check the changelog given below.

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Quick2cart 2.1.3 with jLike integration which brings likes, comments & more!


When people buy products from an online store, user reviews & ratings are one of the most important factors that are considering in making the Buy decision. Reviews are very much like comments & reviews very much like 'likes & unlikes'. Quick2Cart 2.1.3 brings you comments & like support with a tight integration with our product jLike.  


We recently released jLike 1.1 which adds support for Comments. This means all the extensions that jLike integrates with get the added feature of commenting that you can switch on if you want to! 

In addition, this Quick2cart also fixes quite a few bugs. Do read on for the complete Changelog. 

Buy Quick2Cart Buy jLike Demo 

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Quick2Cart v2.1 Beta1 with paid e-product support, Adaptive payments, etc is out


We have released Quick2Cart version 2.1 Beta1 with support for much awaited paid e-product support, Adaptive payments and many other features and bug fixes. Help us test this one, get it live soon !!!

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Quick2cart brings E-commerce to Seblod


It gives us great pleasure to announce that a Seblod integration has been developed by one of the members of the community!


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Quick2Cart's next step - Beta1 out!


Hey Guys!

The Beta1 of Quick2Cart is out for you. We have mainly improved the UX and done some bug fixes.

Have updated the Alpha Website, so those who have registered can check out whats new. And the others can Login to the Alpha Testing site to Start testing!

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Quick2Cart Alpha here for you to test!


Hey Everyone! The first Alpha of Quick2Cart is here!

Quick2Cart is a super flexible E-commerce solution that lets you set up a Shopping cart Quickly. With integrations for Almost every CCK for Joomla including Native Joomla content, you have the freedom to manage the products as you want while Quick2Cart handles everything related to Cart & Checkout.

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Quick2Cart - Flexible eCommerce for Joomla is in the Labs!


Why Another Cart?

In all the years we have been working in Joomla. Be it in Product development or Providing services to customers, we have always felt the need for a flexible, scalable Shopping cart solution. There are lots of Carts in the market, but for most applications, they are just too huge & come with a lot of overheads. Since we couldn't find anything that fits the bill, we decided to Build one ourselves.

We decided that at least at first, we don't want to do the Product management. So we have provided integrations with Just about all the CCKs that Joomla has at the moment, including Joomla Content as well as a Widget that you can place just about anywhere. Which means you can use any system of your choice to manage your Products.

With Quick2Cart, we shall concentrate on a fast & easy checkout process with all the necessary bells & whistles like Discounting, Shipping, Taxation & Lots.. we really mean lots of Payment Gateways. 

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Quick2cart v2.2.3 is here


Hey All, We are pleased to announce the availability of Quick2cart version 2.2.3 to active subscribers. This release addresses various bugs reported in the previous version. Also, we have made several minor quality improvements in it. Check the changelog given below for more details. This is a follow-up maintenance release after we the previous rel...

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Quick2cart v2.2 Beta is available to subscribers for testing


Hello all,

We are announcing the availability of Quick2cart v2.2 beta to subscribers. We know you are eagerly waiting for the stable release to come out soon and start using it. Things didn't go as we planned this time and some of the features took more time than we expected. At present, we are done with the new features implementation(mentioned in the changelog below) and we are now working on the bug-fixes and QA.

We are sorry about the delay caused, and as a token appreciating your patience, we will be extending subscription by 1 month from the release date of stable version for all those subscribers whose subscriptions expired in August. Please read on for the release changelog and instructions 

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Quick2Cart 2.9.11 is here with toast notifications!


Quick2Cart 2.9.11 has been released with an improvement-toast notification for products added to the cart. Besides this, we have fixed a lot of bugs in this version. We recommend you to upgrade to the latest version as soon as possible. Do read the release notes before upgrading to the latest version.

Buy Quick2Cart

Read on for the feature improvement description and detailed changelog.

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