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Quick2Cart Beta 2 Out!


Hello Everyone!

With lots of more features added and tons of bug fixes done Quick2Cart Beta 2 is out! Check out the following changelog

Changelog :

Feature #12039: Config using Params
Feature #12040: Statistics Dashboard
Feature #12041: Silent Registration
Feature #12073: plugin triggers in relevant places
Feature #12218: Config for turn off shipping
Bug #12089: in order details view display order amount values from DB DO NOT calculate them
Task #12095: Order Email recipient bug
Bug #12228: on clean install module not published even if msg in install says so
Bug #12229: add support for discounted price in zoo element
Bug #12232: Notice: Undefined variable: align_style in components/com_quick2cart/views/cartcheckout/tmpl/cart.php
Bug #12297: validate to enter only numerics in quantity field
Bug #12298: error in order view if no tax & shipping details not saved in DB
Bug #12306: separate layout files for zoo element and content plg for Buy Now button
Bug #12308: validation to check if cart empty

Have you signed up at our Alpha Website ? If No, then you should Logon to the Alpha Testing site to Start testing! because that's where you will find out whats so new in Quick2Cart and if Yes, then please help us testing it.

Please feel free to use the Forum at the Alpha Site to give your valuable feedback, bugs & feature requests! Beta Testers - Those who have signed up as beta testers, you will receive your test copy soon. You can test on your own installations & report any issues you find on this site itself.

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