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JTicketing 1.2 released

We are pleased to announce the release of JTicketing version 1.2. This release includes many bug fixes and improvements over the previous versions.

We have added few more new configuration options in the settings view. Now admin can decide if ticket PDFs are to be sent as an attachment or send alink to download those. We have done some improvemnts like - when all tickets are sold out, module shows image saying all tickets have been sold out !

JTicketing version 1.2 changelog-

Bugs Fixed-

  • 12393 Bug Broken links when SEF is used
  • 12331 Bug itemid issue with all report on frontend
  • 12330 Bug User joins an event twice CASE 2 - via jomsocial notification and by buying ticket
  • 12311 Bug The Paid Event pdf, should also show the Ticket Type Name and Price paid; otherwise, there is no way to differentiate the tickets for paid events.
  • 12310 Bug In the backend, Sales Report, when you click on the Event Name, the values in the row that sums up each column should be shifted one column to the right
  • 12303 Bug Notice: Undefined variable: elements in /plugins/community/addfields/addfields.php on line 244
  • 12301 Bug Net amount to pay is now always ""0""." if coupon appplied and rechecked
  • 12300 Bug The word ""Yes"" next to the"" Do you have a coupon?"" and ""I accept the Terms and Conditions"" checkboxes.
  • 12299 Bug On the Create New Event page, add the text "Create a Paid Event" to the right of the Paid Event option. This will add more clarity.
  • 12061 Bug missing langauge constants in module and component (event setup)
  • 12043 Bug User joins an event twice CASE 1 - by buying ticket and via jomsocial notification

Tasks and Features implemented-

  • 12360 Task Changes to frontend for attach pdf or send link
  • 12302 Task add new column payment method in orders view in backend
  • 12042 Task issue for remove ticket type and rounded corner while creating event
  • 12358 Feature Add configuration Automatically fix available seats if any mismatch between vailable tickets and no of seats in jomsocial
  • 12352 Feature Add configuration in backend for email pdf in email or give link to download.
  • 12329 Feature Buy tickets module - Show SOLD OUT/ BOOKING FULL message on buy ticket module when all tickets sold out

And many small changes and enhancements!

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