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Planning the Quick2Cart 2.2 Release! Tell us what you think!

Planning the Quick2Cart 2.2 Release! Tell us what you think!

We just finished the initial planning for Quick2Cart 2.2. As always we want to know what you think & want your feedback for the next awesome release!  

We are planning to work in 1-week sprints & will try to make feature alphas available for testing every other week. We expect to have the major development wrapped up in around 6 weeks barring surprises.  Your feedback will be extremely valuable in all stages starting with the current planning stage.

The blog details all the features we expect will make it into the stable 2.2 release. So please comment away & add as much feedback as you can. We have tried & fit in all the features you have been asking for quite some time.

The theme for this release is “Plugging the holes in Quick2Cart from a CCK Cart Multi-vendor Social Cart Perspective “ 

Improved Shipping for Single & Multivendor

One of the most sought-after features, Shipping in Quick2Cart both for Single & Multi-vendor modes will receive a complete overhaul. Every vendor will be able to decide what Shipping methods to use & define shipping rules

We consider this a critical & important update & a separate detailed blog on this is published here for your feedback. 

Improved Taxation

Taxation will have both a global configuration for a Single vendor mode as well as have multi-vendor support so that every vendor can define their own taxation policies.

CCK Support for Multi-Vendor in frontend & backend

Another feature that's been long awaited, we are introducing using CCKs for managing multivendor products. So now you can use Joomla, Zoo, K2 or Flexicontent even in multi-vendor mode. We also are introducing the ability to show all products in a single Product listing combining products from all sources (native as well as CCKs)

The Ultimate Social Cart

Quick2Cart 2.2 will bridge several gaps & add lots of features to become the ultimate Social Cart for Joomla. This will also be a pretty large feature set and warrants its own blog post. We shall publish this blog in the coming weeks. Among other Social viral features, we will also introduce JS & ES Point Payment Gateways.

Awesome new Ajaxed Checkout Process

One of the advantages of being the developers behind many e-commerce products is that we are continuously & iteratively improving our ‘ecommerce framework’ so to say which includes lots of payment plugins & an awesome checkout process. The advantage is that improvements in one product benefit the others as well. Our current improvements in the checkout for SocialAds & JTicketing will find their way into Quick2Cart in this release.

Expect an awesome improved Ajaxed checkout process & great usability improvements.  The checkout is complete ajax & saves state in case you happen to click somewhere else saving you from filling the information again. Plus automated data pre-filling from CB, JomSocial & EasySocial means that users don't have to fill in long forms at all!

Country & State manager with Multi-Lingual Support

Another improvement that has been long sought. You can now manage which Countries & States you want to show & you can also translate countries & states using language files.

Out of the box SEO with Meta Data management, Microdata & OG tags support

This version adds a lot of SEO improvements letting you manage product metadata for native products. Plus we add Microdata & OG Tags support leveraging the best in SEO for you. If you use CCKs for managing products there are several CCK plugins that let you do this already for them.

Pin Layouts, Fully Responsive backend & frontend

The Pin Layouts that have been really well received with JGive & JTicketing will be introduced in Quick2Cart in this version. Plus all frontend & backend layouts will be fully responsive.

One Click Updates delivered via Joomla

Leveraging the Update notification & One click update system in Joomla, Quick2Cart in this version will make it super easy for you to update your Quick2cart version.

Backend Vendor listView

Getting a Quick idea of your active vendors is easy with the back end Vendor list.

Email Editor

This might or might not make into this release. But the idea is to make it easy for you to manage the content of all emails from your Shop.

Improved Backend Dashboard & Improved Multi-vendor Dashboard

The new awesome dashboards for both Admins as well as each vendor for their stores will blow you away!

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