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Quick2Cart 2.7 gets you Facebook share for discounts, PHP api and more!

Quick2Cart 2.7 gets you Facebook share for discounts, PHP api and more!

This release is going to add a few more features and some most awaited integrations to Quick2Cart’s kitty. Q2C 2.7 will be opening doors for the fellow developers to use it as an ecommerce tool for more of their external integrations.

Lets see what's in here...

Share to get a Discount

Store owners are always looking for some new marketing stuff for their shop which can get them some customers and a lot of sales. So, with this cool feature we are giving them one more reason to give their customers a discount while promoting their store item on facebook.

Note: This version will support only Facebook share

Techjoomla Custom fields integration

If a store owner needs to add some extra information for a product with Techjoomla custom fields (com_tjfileds) being integrated he will be able to add new fields while creating a product. So, for instance if you have a fashion store and you want to show the material used. So you can create a custom field for Material and give options for that like cotton, polyester, rexin etc..

Store Owner user creation & Manual order creation Store Owner

Now, these are two different features however, I am mentioning them together so that I would be able to explain thier use case in a better way. In some cases store owner will have to assign particular product to someone. So, we have now given access to the store owners to create a Joomla user instead of asking the admin to do so. Also, earlier only admin had the authority to manually create an order for a specific user now the Store owner can do this on its own.

In many cases people manage a physical store and an online store simultaneously. So, if a customer walks in to his store, he would be able to create a user for that customer and also create an order for him manually. Based on that user's details the user will also have the record of the purchase (automated emails after purchase) and the store owner will be able to handle and manage both the stores on the same place. Isn't that cool?

PHP API for placing the order

Developers can now use this API to place orders using a third party extension with ease. Checkout the documentation.

Cobalt Integration

Cobalt is a widely used CCK for Joomla. Quick2Cart is now integrated with it.

Note: This integration is developed and supported by Cobalt.

With these features you will be able to do MORE with your online shopping cart. What are you waiting for? Create your online shopping store now!

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