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JMailAlerts v2.6.0 is released

Hello Joomlers!
We are happy to announce the availability of new JMailAlerts v2.6.0. JMailAlerts is one of our most popular and FREE extension with 20K downloads and counting.

This release mainly addresses logging in JMailAlerts. Now, the logs are written into where Joomla logs path is configured. Also, email ids in the logs can be masked, giving you more control over sensitive information not being logged into log file. This is not all of it, we have also added an option to specify max log file size for log file. After reaching this size, log file will be rotated. 

Download JMailAlerts

This release also addresses PHP compatibility issues for 7.0.x-7.2.x. At the time of release, this release works with Joomla 3.8.x and can be run on PHP v5.6.x, v7.0.x, v7.1.x, v7.2.x
With this release, we have also reduced the code footprint for all of the plugins (for plugins with version 2.6.0) by moving lot of common code into the component itself, making it easier to update / create more plugins.
In addition to this, there have been quite a few bug fixes done. For more details, go through the complete changelog for v2.6.0 below.


+ Features Added (3):

#020959 Add log file archiving functionality if file size exceeds specified size
#129839 Add new config for log file size
#129837 Add new config to mask email in log

- Bugs Fixed (15):

#132285 [Frontend - Email Preferences] Shows error in console
#131768 [Frontend - Email Preferences] Missing Language constants
#130286 [Frontend - Email Preferences] Shows PHP notice : save preferences PHP Notice: Undefined variable: delalt in /components/com_jmailalerts/models/emails.php
#129931 [Frontend - Email Preferences] Display 0 error for "Email preference alert" menu
#133626 [Backend - Simulation] Shows 500 error when no alerts chosen
#132287 [Backend - Alerts, Frequency] Message is missing if records are not found
#132283 [Backend - Alerts] All column titles should have similar case convention
#130287 [Backend] Shows PHP warning
#130285 [Backend - Config] Cron element not generating key
#130094 [Backend - Health check] Lang. constants missing on healthcheck view
#055765 [Backend - Manage User Subscriptions] Preview - Text color should be different.
#055751 [Backend - Manager User Subscription] Preview - Notice and warning occurs in preview
#133111 [User plugin] Subscriptions not deleted when alert is deleted
#091466 [User plugin] Editing Joomla user email - sends email to old email id
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