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SocialAds v3.1.12 is out!


The latest version of SocialAds, v3.1.12 is now available and all our customers are requested to immediately upgrade to the new version.

Along with changes related to GDPR compliance and security fixes, we have fixed a few bugs that have been reported by some of our subscribers.

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Please read the release notes carefully before upgrading to the latest version.

Read on for the complete changelog.



#128141: Changes related to the GDPR compliance

  • Site admins can now set "T&C 'Joomla content article id' for 'Ad Creation'' form
  • If set by the site admins, the Ad creation form now can let the users' to provide their consent to accept the 'privacy policies' of the corresponding site
  • All the consents of the users will then be saved in '#__tj_consents' table, in the database

- Bug fixes (5):

#122195 - Incorrect wallet balance on user dashboard

#124313 - Security fixes

#132102 - Made Ad UI responsive

#133891 - Missing language constant for email subject and body

#133931 - UI defect when user uploads video for an ad

#134021 - Displays "NaN" error on create ad page at frontend

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