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Looking back. Techjoomla in 2014!


We are at the end of 2014 and it was an awesome year! With a brand new website, moving to our new offices, a slew of updates on our products and a brand new E-learning product Shika; this year was filled with innovations and new beginnings. Writing the 2014 review for Techjoomla was a time of introspection for us and that's resulted in some great ideas for the coming year. We will be blogging about it soon!

At the close of 2014, we take a look back at what we achieved this year. 2014 for us, has been about change and change for the better. Its been about a major change in attitude as well as a better perception of quality. We would like to thank our customers, supporters, well-wishers and partners on this occasion for supporting us and providing us valuable feedback. A special thanks to those who have taken the trouble to be critical of our work and provide honest feedback. On that note, we would like to invite you to join us in taking a look back at the year that's drawing to a close. 

Techjoomla gets a new website (finally!) 

This is one topic that we definitely need to blog about. Launching the new website and doing a migration from Joomla 1.5 to Joomla 3 as well transforming data from the older suite of extensions to a complete platform and doing all that with minimum downtime was quite a project. But we finally launched with the new design as well as a fully revamped back end in April. The new website is faster, much more user-friendly and a much more stable platform on which we can add more value adds to our customers. We hope you have loved the new design and fresh look as much as we have. 

We have moved!

Till last year the Tekdi Technologies/ Techjoomla office was housed in 2 apartments - one on the first floor and another on the third. Starting out of one apartment around 6 years back, we had acquired the 3rd-floor apartment around 3 years back. However, that office was stretched to capacity and bursting at the seams. Also, the team was fragmented and had to sit in different rooms on 2 different floors. 

April 2014 saw us move to a centrally located commercial building with great connectivity. The new office has an open floor plan with centralized air conditioning, an awesome view (almost everyone gets a window view). Plus we have an awesome game room and dedicated conference rooms and cabins. All in all its great fun working and collaborating in this space. We had a whale of a time moving here and decorating and redecorating the new office. ( We seem to keep doing this every now and then. The creative juices are flowing !) 


JGive is one of the most popular CrowdFunding extensions for Joomla!

By making 4 feature releases and 6 bug fix releases we have added more than 17 features and fixed more than 36 bugs.

Some of the important feature additions done this year in JGive are:

  • Campaign owner can do CSV export donor data from campaign details page.
  • Integration with jLike commenting extension.
  • Added settings for Emails
  • Added support to select givebacks while donating.
  • [Backend] CSV export on payout report, campaign-wise report, ending campaigns report
  • Added EasySocial mapping field support for Auto-filling donation form
  • [Backend] Add donation on behalf any user
  • [Backend] Create the campaign on behalf any user
  • Show JomSocial toolbar on all jGive views

 This year JGive has also got a major makeover when it comes to layouts and User Interface.


When it comes to advertising, this extension is a must-have for all the Joomla websites. From publishing banners to personalised advertising. SocialAds has it all.

 By making 3 feature releases and 6 bug fix releases we have added more than 19 features and fixed more than 63 bugs.

Some significant feature additions done this year are as follows:

  • Frontend ACL support
  • Responsive Ads
  • Ajax Ad Rotation
  • One page checkout for SA
  • Tax handling in SA
  • MultiSite Ad Delivery
  • Joomla based auto-update support
  • Send payment information to advertiser and admin on adding money in the wallet
  • EasySocial Support


Our most popular extension in its class. JBolo is a perfect messenger for your Joomla website!

 We did 2 major feature release and 2 minor bug-fix releases for JBolo which in total contributed to 6 new exciting features and more than 21 bug fixes.

 Below are highlighted new features added to JBolo this year:

  • Added EasySocial community integration support
  • Added EasyProfile community integration support
  • Added Joomla ACL support
  • Added new view to let users configure ‘Chat Settings’
  • Added option for allowing users to opt out of chat
  • Added option for allowing users to block other users


If you have a Social Networking site for Joomla, Invitex is a must-have extension for you.

 We have made some major changes and introduced awesome 10 new features in 2 feature releases and 8 bug fix releases in this popular extension which sends intelligent viral invitations.

Here are some feature highlights:

  • Usability to Specify Name as well as Email in Manual Invitations
  • Clickatell SMS support and also added backend template for SMS integration.
  • EasySocial app for Event, Group, Profile Invitex.
  • The EasySocial toolbar in Invitex view.
  • New Dashboard improvement in the backend to show data invitations.
  • Use of bitly url shortener for twitter
  • Revamped Backend User Interface as per Joomla 3 Guidelines

This has be done by fixing more that 30 bugs making the product 99% bug free!


This is one of the most popular Social Shopping cart extension for Joomla!

Quick2cart is redefining e-commerce by giving it a social touch with Jomsocial and EasySocial integration.

By making 3 feature releases and bug fix releases and 7 bug fix releases we have introduced 13 features and 30+ bugs fixed.

Some major features which were introduced this year are:

  • Some out of the box SEO enhancements
  • Introduction to Multivendor in CCk’s
  • Major improvements in UI/UX
  • Awesome Admin features like dashboards, backend store lists, single store checkouts etc.
  • Making it one of the best Social cart with Jomsocial and Easysocial point integration and more!
  • Introducing Shipping and Taxation
  • jLike integration for Likes, dislikes and commenting
  • Direct payments to vendors and commission share to Admins via PayPal Adaptive


jLike adds like, dislike and commenting functionality to a variety of content. Members can also add notes to each of their likes and put them into Lists - similar to GMail labels

 We have fixed more than 15 bugs in 5 bug fix releases and added 14 features in 2 feature releases. Some of the features added this year to this product are:

  • Introduced commenting in JLike
  • Made jLike Joomla 3.x compatible
  • Integration with EasySocial
  • Added new integrations with ohanah and Community Polls extension
  • Threaded comments
  • New dashboard
  • Comment sorting


It is a must have social sync tool for every Joomla website!

Cool feature addition in broadcast specifications this year are:

  • EasySocial Integration
  • Joomla 3.x compatibility
  • Backend queue deletion


A perfect ticketing system to manage your events which also has a smartphone app.

JTicketing make event ticketing for your Joomla website a piece of cake.

By making 2 feature releases, adding 10 new features and making 5 bug fix releases, fixing more than 27bugs. We have got this extension very close to being a bug free product

It is fully loaded with feature some of them which were added this year are:

  • Field Manager for Tickets
  • Added configuration in backend JTicketing Buy module to add configuration to show available tickets.
  • Add sharing and share buttons to event details page
  • Google Data market for events
  • Native Event Manager - create an event, my events, all events view
  • Ability to create and use Event Specific Fields to collect 'Attendee information'
  • New Checkout Process
  • Invoicing support
  • Adaptive Payments for JTicketing
  • Joomla 3.x compatibility

 People Suggest

Intelligent and Intuitive Networking suggestions for JomSocial, Community Builder and EasySocial. If you have a Social networking website built in Joomla, then this is a must have for you.

This is what we have introduced in this extension this year:

  • Made People suggest compatible with Easysocial
  • Better UI for the suggestions shown in the module

And many more to come!

Shika is conceived

We launched “Shika” a Learning Management System for Joomla! Shika is fully power packed with features. Completely studying and analyzing the need and the use of LMS we have moulded this extension in such a way that once you get this, you need nothing more to learn and to teach.

Now moving ahead with products, in 2014 we have launched the most awaited product, which is a LMS for Joomla! Yes, we launched Shika which is not just an LMS but a Social, e-commerce learning management system. You can earn, learn and at the same time socialise with its fantastic integration with JomSocial and EasySocial. Shika is a powerhouse of features and you guys get an option to choose from Standard and the Professional version of  Shika as per your requirements. Since the feature list is extensive you can visit the Shika landing page for more details. Plus we are giving a 42% discount to be our Shika Early Adopter! 

We also have added some cool new free extensions to our kitty. One of the best ever image/banner designing tool was launched for Joomla! by Techjoomla. Canva it is! After installing this extension your Joomla editor will get a Canva button, making it easier than ever before to design images for your blogs, landing pages etc.

When it comes to security, making your site spam and abuse free is the prime concern. In 2014 google introduced NO CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA. Which is tough in bots and easy on humans. We thought of getting this for our fellow joomlers and we did it. Techjoomla bought NO CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA to Joomla!

Techjoomla Quality Control

Since quality is something we won’t be compromising on, we thought of keeping the product quality constantly under the microscope. Weekly code reviews are done, weekly TQC meetings mandatory to attend. While thoroughly examining the code, it goes through a really tough tests only after that we give that code a TQC (Techjoomla Quality Certification). Every file changed is passed through codesniffer standard for Joomla! PHP CS hook is used for our git repositories and making sure that the code is of Joomla standards. We will be adding many more tests for code in future to make our products of best quality and 99% bug free! 


Hush!! What a long blog! So, this is how 2014 was for us. By the way, our New Year Discount is on 31st DEC and 1st Jan. So, don’t forget to get your favourite extension. Click here for more info. Once again Techjoomla wishes you a Very Happy and a Prosperous New Year!


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Invitex v2.9.4 released with bug fixes
JTicketing v1.5.5 released with several bug fixes

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