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JBolo 3.0 beta 1 is here for Testing & it's free to download!


JBolo Beta 1 with Group Chat is here!  This version brings most awaited group chat feature to current JBolo. This blog will give you a quick overview of what to expect from JBolo 3.0 beta release. There's this & plenty more under the hood including an API based architecture which will allow us to release mobile apps for JBolo in the near future.

Group-chat Finally! And a new improved Architecture

JBolo 3.0 beta 1 is almost completely re-written, based on a scalable architecture for a complete chatting system. The major feature of this version will be support for group chat. As you can see in the screenshot below - the first chat window is a group chat window where three users are chatting and the other chat window is one-to-one chat window.


It's damn easy to add other users to the current chat or current group chat, the same way as you do it in Gmail chat! 

Better chat history view!

JBolo 3.0 beta 1 will be having a bootstrapped chat-history view. You can open the chat history right from the current chat window. Chat history for one-to-one chat and group chat can be opened from respective chat windows.


Better file sending with image previews!

Now, you can preview the images you select before you upload. We are now using a better file uploader that looks like as shown in the screenshot below.


What's more?

JBolo 3.0 beta 1 will be having a theme switcher module, which will let users have a control over what theme they want to use. It will be pre-packed with two themes that will match the and chat styles.

Free Download, Test & Discuss

The Beta is free to download. Please go to the forum link below to see instructions on how to test & get the download.

Stay Informed

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Mobile App for Joomla Day Boston 2013
Quick2Cart is here!

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