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Shika 1.1.7 is here

We are happy to bring you Shika 1.1.7 with some usability enhancements, improvements in permission handling & some bug fixes. We now auto create the first module when you create a new course. There are now finer grained permissions for intra course operations - in this case Manage training material.We recommend you upgrade as soon as possible ! 

You can read on for the complete change log

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JTicketing 1.9 is here with better URL routing and more !

While our team works on the big and beautiful JTicketing 2.0, we bring you an interim update in version 1.9 with PHP 7.1 compatibility, a better URL router as well as improvements in field based advanced filtering with TJ Fields integration. Besides this we have fixed quite a few bug fixes and added a default Zoom value for the Google Map display o...

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Shika 1.1.5 is here with assignment reminders !

We are happy to bring to you Shika 1.1.5. The original 1.1.0 release introduced Course assignment support via jLike integration. However at that point the assignment reminders were not ready for prime time. In this release we have introduced the same. Though this it's now possible to setup multiple reminders that can be sent to users reminding of t...

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JGive 2.0 is here with brand new UI, activity stream and much more!

When we posted about our new design first approach for jGive nEXT back in December, 2016, we received a host of emails and comments with some excellent feedback. We thank you for all the love you have shown and bring to you the first release in the nEXT series - JGive 2.0 !

The biggest features that we introduce in this release are the revamped UX, a rich activity stream and an awesome new dashboard along with php 7.1 compatibility. One key thing to remember is that this is a ‘Major’ release which breaks backward compatibility. This means that you will need to rework any html overrides you have done when you plan your upgrade. Also note that as announced we will be dropping Bootstrap 2 support in this release. This also means that if you are using our partner template - JSN Fidem, you need to wait for Joomlashine to release a new version with Bootstrap 3 before you can upgrade.

Everyone is advised to read the release note carefully before upgrading to the latest version. Read on to know more regarding the features and a detailed changelog.

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Validity from 12th April, 2017 to 19th April, 2017

Click on read more for the complete details.

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Shika 1.1.4 is here!

We are happy to announce the release of Shika 1.1.4. This release fixes a number of bugs and also introduces some media cleanup scripts to remove any orphaned media. We encourage you to update  to the latest version as soon as possible. Changelog Task Done: #101224 Orphaned lesson files removed from local server #99758  Add migration scri...

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Techjoomla products compatibility update with Easysocial 2.0!

Techjoomla products are now compatible with Easysocial 2.0! Here is the entire list of products compatible with Easysocial 2.0. JGiveQuick2CartSocialAdsJBoloJTicketingInvitexShikaPeople Suggest

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Enrich your standup meeting with WIFLE & 02(Occasion Opinion)

I'm sure, many of you have already attended many standups before reading this blog. If you are not familiar with standups, below are some useful links.

In short, a standup helps you to keep track of your team's progress on a daily basis. Stand-up is a 'self reporting' meeting. In Agile, the team members don’t necessarily report to a team lead. Its main objective is to self organize a team. According to me, standup is a great opportunity to meet all your team members at the same time & get an idea about the lists of tasks an individual is doing during today's schedule & whether any assistance is needed to accomplish those tasks! The meeting should not last for more than 15 minutes for 5-6 teammates!

Alright so we're convinced with standup meetings. We conduct standups daily. Everyday we come, we meet, we discuss & we work.(How boring! I felt really boring while even adding this sentence) We need to add some spices & have some TADKA(tempering) in order to make our standup meetings really interesting. Here, I want to help you make your standup meetings really happening using some out of the box ways!

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Roadmap for Shika 1.2

The latest major release for Shika, our Learning management system (LMS) for Joomla -  version 1.1 introduced 20+ new features and a host of bug fixes and improvements. While we continue to improve on the 1.1x release with minor release, development on the next major release has already started !

Read on to see what you can expect in the next major release - version 1.2. 

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Shika 1.1.3 is here!

Shika 1.1.3 has been released with some critical bug fixes and improvements. We encourage updating as soon as possible to the latest version.

Note-When you upgrade please note that some certificate generation tags have changed. Please update your existing certificates to use the new tags.

For the complete changelog, read on. 

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Dropping Bootstrap 2 Support for all products in upcoming major releases!

Till now we have been maintaining both Bootstrap 2 & Bootstrap 3 layouts for all extensions. However this is taking a toll on the release cycle and changes have to be done in both the layouts.

Over time we have seen that very few customers are using Bootstrap 2 templates now so this decision seems logical to take. However we have always maintained that we will maintain Bootstrap2 support till the Joomla core maintains it and we wanted to be double sure before taking this decision.

So we reached out to various popular template clubs both over the internet and at conferences we attend, the latest being at JWC Vancouver to get their feedback. Template clubs typically have a much larger user base and typically know more of what the masses are using. The feedback there too was that the users using Bootstrap 2 are very less and they too are seem to be migrating to Bootstrap 3.  Post this, we decided that the time had come to stop supporting Bootstrap 2.

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Shika 1.1.2 is here!

We are happy to announce the release of Shika 1.1.2. This is a maintenance release and fixes some bugs in the previous versions. We suggest upgrading to the latest release. Click on read more for the full changelog.

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Shika 1.1 released with 20+ features !

It's here! Shika 1.1 is out with 20+ spectacular new features that will take learning with Joomla to a whole new level. With Shika its always been our goal to give you a scalable learning management system that's not only simple to use but can also scale and adapt to various learning needs. In this release we take another step closer to that goal.  

When version 1.0 was released, we had decided that for the next few releases we will do less new features per release and release faster. However we ended up having to increase the features planned for the release as we had a lot of merge requests pending from our customization teams. Delaying these merges would have meant complicating things for future releases. So it was decided that 1.1 will end up being a much bigger release than originally planned. 

Shuffling for Questions and answers, Event as lesson, Automatic random quiz generation, Link as lesson, Assignments and Goals are just some of the features that come to you in this release !  The net total if you include all the minor features goes upto 24 or so new features and a lot of bug fixes and improvements.

Please note that this release is a 'Major Release' and thus needs a migration. The Migration is pretty painless but you need to run it in both Shika as well as jLike post installation. Once you install the release, make sure you click the 'Fix' buttons in the left corner on the Shika and jLike component pages. Also make sure you read the release notes carefully before you upgrade !!

Buy Shika Now!         View Shika Demo!

Here's a Surprise offer for you ! Use the coupon SHIKA11LAUNCH to get a 15% Discount when you Purchase Shika or JTicketing ! Offer expires 5th January. 

Read on to see the full list of features and their details...

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JGive nEXT - revamped UX, Activity stream and more!

UX redesign is going to be a major focus for upcoming major releases of Techjoomla products. JGive will be one of the first to get these improvements. As part of this exercise we are taking a fresh look at how customers use the product and are letting this drive the design and new features.

We hope this new approach will take our products to a new level. Here’s a quick look at the new designs and related features. It would be great if you guys can give us your comments on the same.

The roll out of this new UI/UX and related features will happen in the next few version of the jGive 2x series. Note that not all improvements will come in a single release and will be spread out over multiple ones.

Read on to get the full scoop !

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Techjoomla and Joomla Update Day!

Learn how you can be a part of a new kind of an event. Update Day has something for everyone that uses Joomla! from newbies to professional developers. See for yourself…

Update Day is a 24 hour virtual event designed to help people update their Joomla! website(s) with free assistance from leading experts. The event is being held on November 28th. Participating organizations include: Perfect Dashboard, Extly, Arc Technology Group, and DJ-Extensions to name a few.

Techjoomla is thrilled to be a part of the very first Joomla Update Day. You can use the given coupon code to avail 20% off on Single Packages & Upto 50%* off on Bundles (Bundles are already discounted up to 30%)

                     COUPON CODE:TJJUD

Validity: 28th November, 2016

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Celebrate the festive season with Techjoomla Black Friday deals!

This is going to be our last festive offer for the year. Thanksgiving is here and so is the most awaited festive deal season of 2016. Techjoomla wishes all its subscribers happy Thanksgiving and thank you for being with us throughout our journey with Joomla! So, to thank everyone and celebrate Thanksgiving with you, we’re getting you some awesome d...

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