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Shika 1.2.8 is here!


We are happy to bring you Shika 1.2.8 which is primarily a bug fix release. We strongly suggest you take a full site backup before updating Shika to the latest version as a best practice.

Please read the upgrade instructions and detailed changelog before upgrading. Also, go through the Shika 1.2 release notes and instructions in case you are updating Shika 1.2.8 directly from Shika 1.1.x.

Read on for the detailed changelog.


Bugs Fixed:

#126597 Quiz>>Unable to launch the Quiz second time even if attempts are set to 2.

#126166 Update goal>>On updating goal, it does not set the current date as today's date, shows yesterday's.

#122937 Reports>> Student course report>>Close button missing for "Enrolled on date column" search.

JTicketing 2.1.2 is here!
Shika 1.2.7 is here with more than 20 bug fixes

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