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Joomla Pizza Bugs and Fun 2019-A massive success


At Tekdi Technologies Pvt. Ltd. & Techjoomla we have a long tradition of contributing to #opensource and making what we use better. So much so that every developer at Tekdi has a #KPI to make at least one open-source contribution every month! So it's hardly surprising that we do not let up on any opportunity to contribute. On 19th October 2019, the #Joomla community had organized a Global Synchronous event called "Joomla Pizza and bugs".

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Be a part of the global “Joomla! Pizza, Bugs and Fun” event in Pune

pizza-bugs-and-fun-2019-at-techjoomla Be a part of the global “Joomla! Pizza, Bugs and Fun” event in Pune

At Techjoomla we take Open Source very seriously. All our products and solutions are offered on OpenSource licenses. One of the key ways in which we contribute to open source is supporting opensource events. We are proud to be associated with the global Joomla! community and sponsor the global Pizza, bugs & fun event. We are also hosting the Pune edition of the Joomla! Pizza, Bugs and Fun(Joomla! PBF) to help local volunteers contribute to Joomla!.

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