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Techjoomla & TWS Team - Monsoon outing at Tamhini

Tamhini is an awesome place to visit...Especially in the monsoons. The road meanders through mountains covered with a lush blanket of green & gushing waterfalls welcome us at every other corner. This was the place that was chosen for our monsoon outing after much deliberations on whether to go for a Trek or a Trip.

A Private bus was hired and attendance for the trip was at an all time high ! Only 3 people couldnt make it.. But still there were about 24 of us as we started out on the Sunday morning. The Sun was out as we embarked on our journey ( not at all promising here in India in the monsoons ! - So there are no really 'Nice Sunny Days' here ;) ) . We were hoping for rains & a nice windy atmosphere.. but at least it didnt look like that in the morning :(


As we entered the hills things improved a bit as the temperatures cooled down.. but still there was no sign of rain. But an awesome waterfall greeted us & all of us immediately rushed to it ! The rest of the morning was spent having an awesome time at the waterfall & having a sumptuous breakfast of home made Idlis and chatni made by Shantanu.  After spending a couple of hours at the first large waterfall we entered the bus again to hunt for another waterfall.. as this one was getting pretty crowded as the Sunday crowd poured in. We found one soon after & spent time till lunch playing in the water ( you should try it its really fun !)

After a hearty lunch at a restaurant in the way we stopped to play some games. And did it rain then or what ! It started when we were having our lunch & then it poured & poured. We had to practically run from the restaurant to the bus & still managed to gt pretty much soaked !

Our HR Manali & the team of Volunteers - Madhura,Manoj & Vishnu had a awesome time lined up for all of us. Starting with Tug Off War in which we all had a whale of a time. Other games followed . I wont bore you by explaining all of them to you. You can check out the pics !


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