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Invitex 2.1 with a Snazzy look & Invites Anywhere released !


Invitex 2.1 is now available to all active subscribers. With this version, we introduce 2 main features.  The long awaited Facebook like look is one of them ! We have completely revamped the UI of Invitex to give it a nice slider layout. I am sure you'll love it !

The even bigger feature announcement is the Invites Anywhere feature using which Invitex can now be extended to be used with practically any extension. With this feature,its dead easy to setup Invitex to work with Groups, Articles, Events, Shops. Your imagination is the only limit. Read more about this feature here.

We have also solved a lot of reported issues in this release & sneaked in a lot of small but cool features like the ability to Import Friends & quickly add the people who are already on the site as your friends. For the Full change log & some cool screenshots, please read on. If you still havent got your hands on this awesome viral invitations extension, Buy it now !

Call for Sponsorship for Native API plugins
Next on our target list is adding support for Native API plugins for the major email & Social network providers. We are calling for sponsorships to help speed up the development of these API plugins. If you are interested, please drop us an email to [email protected]




Task #4417: Allow sending friend request to people who are already registered
Task #4815: Have a separate file for OI config & Invitex config..
Task #4849: Invitex is missing Version check system. Need to add
Bug #5002: Remove Short Tags in some places
Task #5009: Invites Anywhere system for allowing Invitex to be used to Inviting for anything ..Not just registration like Groups, Events etc.
Task #5163: Seperate the email and the network provider list
Bug #5739: Able to to go to registration page if i change id to "12345" in the link(i.e.not actual id...)
Task #6121: Add ability for Admin to select Invite methods
Task#6137: Show error if there are no contacts in imported accounts....
Task #6430: If there is error in sending pm message .the table still says the invites is sent....
Task #5162: Make message text optional
Feature #4724: Better Design  like Facebook
Feature #6629: Invite Anywhere Module for Invitex
Feature #6634: New table "#__invitex_types" to handle inviteAnywhere
Feature #6634: Add a view "Invitation types view" showing the list of all entries in "#_invitex_types
Bug #5682:On every login of invitee points get added to inviter and invitee
Bug #6631: Message preview not counting "\n"
Bug #6632: Fatal error for linkedIn plugin.."No message subject found"
Bug #6633:No check if refid in Invitation link has been used before or it is valid or not...
Bug #6636:Generate a widget for any invitation type that the user can directly use to use Invite Anywhere feature of Invitex...
Bug #6637: Strip slashes in widget
Bug #6638: if contacts are imported from social networks(twitter) they are not shown properly..
Bug #6638:"Registration only on Invitation" not working....

Bug Fix release 2.1.1 Change Log

Bug #6639: "Registration only on Invitation" issues with XIPT - Fixed
Bug #6789: when i send on invite to user, click in join in show me this mensage; "The link has been used before...Sorry you can not procceed" All invitex that i send to diferents users and email address show me this mensage  - Fixed
Bug #6787: Fatal error: Call to undefined function newopeninviter() in /home/dhy3ives/public_html/components/com_invitex/models/invites.php on line 539
. - Fixed
Bug #6786: Fatal Error while sending invites via LinkedIn api "no message subject"  - Fixed
Bug #6785: Invitex says "mail sent to 0 recipient" though there are many invitations to send in case of fauly email addresses messing up the entire Quee - Fixed

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