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TJ Reports-Universal reporting engine for Joomla is here!

TJ Reports-Universal reporting engine for Joomla is here!

We are super excited to introduce TJ Reports - our Infrastructure extension that allows developers to easily develop reporting plugins and get extensive reporting capabilities in their extensions. Features include extension specific and multi extension reports, Report default configuration, Report customisation and CSV exports to name a few.

Let’s look at the features it offers in detail as well as how the integration with extensions works. Continue reading for the feature list.

Features of TJ Reports

Reporting Plugins

Extension developers can write their own reporting plugins as required for their extensions. Agencies and developers providing customisation services to their clients can also use TJ Reports plugins to create extension specific of multi extension custom reports for more consistent, user friendly delivery.

Reports via Configuration

Feature for creating multiple reports from a single reporting plugin. This configuration allows you to choose which part of the superset of data is to be made available in that particular report, who you want to allow access to, whether you want to allow user specific customisation etc.

Access Control and context based access

Every report via configuration supports Group based access control. One can simply choose which Joomla User groups should be given access to the report.

Manager Reports with Hierarchy integration

TJ reports integrates well with our other infrastructure extension, Hierarchy management. By virtue of this Mentors or managers can see user related reports for users who report to them as defined in the com_hierarchy database.


Support for both reports related to your extension as well as cross extension reports.

For more details, please refer the TJ reports landing page

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