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TJ Notifications is here!


Over the years we have received numerous requests to create a 'real manager’ or a way to edit system email notifications. We decided to go one step further. Enter TJ Notifications, our next 'horizontal’ or 'infrastructure’ extension.

This extension will eventually allow all our products and any other products who integrate it to centrally manage all notifications in your Joomla site. While we will start with emails, eventually we shall be adding support for SMS/Text notifications, Web Push (browser notifications) as well as native site notifications.

So let's look at what all features an extension developer will get out of the box to offer to their end users.

Notification Templates

Any notification in the system needs to be declared by the developer with an unique identifier. The content of the templates for various delivery formats like email, web push, SMS etc can be edited via these templates. A developer can on installation of their extension - insert and publish the default templates for their extension.

1.Screenshot of template list view

2.Screenshot of edit view

User Preferences

Users can set their preferences to stop receiving certain types of notifications, or change delivery preferences from this centre screen.

Integration & Developer Documentation

TJ Notifications is an extremely powerful and flexible notifications system for Joomla.  Joomla Developers are encouraged to use this to offer better control as well as variety in delivery modes. The code is available on GitHub as well we we hope to contribute it to the Joomla core.

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