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JTicketing 2.0 Roadmap is here!


The release of JGive 2.0 was just the first in the fresh new UI/UX first approach at Techjoomla. We are overwhelmed with your response and feedback on this release. Thank you for your support !                                
On this background, we would like to introduce the next iteration for JTicketing - version 2.0. Besides a fresh new look, this release will bring forth some fantastic ‘infrastructure’ extensions that we have been working on for the last few months. And yes JTicketing 2.0 is a full rewrite & as in the case of JGive only supports Bootstrap 3.  

Note: JTicketing 2.0 will support Joomla version 3.6.5 and above

Read on for the full scope of what you can expect to come in JTicketing 2.0 !


Image & Video Gallery for Events

Facility to upload image and video under the events and creation of image gallery and video gallery. Won’t it be great if you could get a preview of the event through images and videos?

Activity stream integration with JTicketing

First introduced in jGive, our infrastructure extension for adding native activity streams for extensions also comes to JTicketing in this version. Activities like Event creation, editing, buying tickets are automatically posted to the event activity stream. In addition to this photos and videos added to the event gallery will also be highlighted. Plus the event owner can use this to post curated updates about the event using this. Old activities will be migrated so that even events before the current versions will have activities populated.

Jlike reminders, assign/ recommend support

An earlier version of JTicketing had introduced a native reminders system. This will be deprecated in JTicketing 2.0 and will be replaced by our jLike based reminder system. Going forward jLike will be bundled in the price of jTicketing & come as a unified package. It will also add support for jLike assignments & recommendations.

Tjvendors Integration

JTicketing 2.0 introduces TJ Vendors which allows us to manage Vendor content, fees & payouts among other things in a more unified manner. With this, you can now do centralised Payout management & also specify Vendor specific commissions. JTicketing 2.0 will be the first extension to adopt this infrastructure extension.

Complete Rewrite

This version is a complete rewrite and will get rid of a lot of the legacy code. Plus it paves the way for even better developer APIs and makes our code more maintainable.

Developer API

JTicketing 2.0 shall introduce even more plugin triggers which developers can use to build their integrations on and extend the core functionality.  

Brand New Designs

This version introduces a fresh new UI for the Event Pin views as well as the detail views. The Pin view is much cleaner now with information displayed in a more compact manner.

The details view is enriched and shows information and call to actions in a nicer layout. The Photo & video galleries as well as the Activity stream on the bottom pane also fit nicely into the new design.

TJ Notifications integration

Another infrastructure extension to get its ‘launch’ in this release is TJ Notifications ! This infrastructure extension allows us to do centralised notification management. The easiest use for for this is having a nice backend ‘Email Manager’ which you will see in this release. It will allow you to edit all the email content sent by jTicketing. In the future we will see things like SMS/Text notifications, Web Push and more !

Venue Creation comes to the frontend.

Earlier venues could only be created from the backend till v1.9.2, with this feature it is now possible to create venues on the frontend. So Event owners can now add their own venues and decide if they will be public or private. Private venues can only be used for their own events.

Adobe Connect Integration upgrade

The Adobe Connect integration was upgraded in this release to take advantage of some additional APIs that allow for faster reporting and better integration.

Get directions

Users can view the distance of the event from their current location through Google Maps.

Event Add to google Calendar

Users can add the event in their google calendar. This would serve as a reminder for the users for their favourite events.

Event Ticket Email gets structured data support.

Use Email Metadata Support for displaying Events description(Event Name, Date, Time etc.) in Google Calendar with the help of Metadata format or Metadata Google API. Giving structured data to emails let’s google do cool things like showing google now cards.

Structured data support for Event Detail Page

Structured data support for event details page lets users discover events through Google Search results and Google Maps. It is now easy to know if your favourite singer is performing at a place near you!

Better filters for events based on country, state, location, organiser + TJ Fields based filters

Like you already know TJFields is an infrastructure extension by Techjoomla. In this release we have improved the integration with TJ Fields and improved the filtering behavior between core filters like country,state,location,organiser and field based filters.

Buy More tickets

Show 'Buy More tickets' if a person has already bought one or more tickets to the event. Also show a Link to view tickets from there.

Site Admin approval for event creation

Site admin will be to able approve the event, only after which the vendors event would be displayed on the site

Add start and end time for booking event tickets

Event creator will be able to add start and end time for booking event tickets in addition to dates.


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