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Quick2Cart Roadmap

Quick2Cart Roadmap

Quick2Cart Ecommerce extension for Joomla has a lot of cool features lined up in its future releases. These features have been shortlisted as per Market demands.

What all is lined up?

Quick2cart 2.6

Pay with Amazon India’ integration for Single Vendor Mode

Let people buy  a product on your store and the let Amazon handle the checkout part including shipping and stuff.

Note: This Features is for Pay with Amazon India and will work for single vendor

Common SMS API integration for Joomla

Developers get an Api using which they can implement and SMS integration for Joomla extensions

SMS integration for Quick2cart

Keep your buyer abreast with new SMS integration for Quick2Cart with SMS providers like clickatell, SMS Horizon.

Change Ordering of your products

You can change the ordering of the product by simple  drag and drop.

Quick2cart 2.7

Share to get a Discount

Allow people to get a discount just by sharing the product on Social Media

Note: This version will support only Facebook

com_tjfield integration

Store Owner will be able to add custom fields using com_tjfields

Store Owner user creation

The Store owner can create a Joomla user if he wants to add an item for a specific user (Earlier store owner had to ask admin to do that)

Manual order creation Store Owner

Store owner has the liberty to manually create an order for a specific user

PHP API for placing the order

Developers can now use this API to place orders using a third party extension with ease

Quick2cart 2.8

Bundled Products

Sell multiple products in one item and at single price.

Multiple address support

Facility to add multiple Billing and shipping addresses if you want.

Developer delight (Checkout via api)

Integrated a third party extension with Quick2Cart? Make sure that you can checkout with ease from that extension as checkout via api will be supported from now onwards. Also a new checkout flow has been introduced.

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