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SocialAds 3.4.0 is here with multilingual customized email and SMS notifications


We are happy to bring you a brand new major release of our Joomla advertising solution. SocialAds 3.4.0 is here with multilingual customized email and SMS notifications. Besides this we have fixed many bugs in this release.

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We encourage you to upgrade as soon as possible!  Read on for the details and for the complete changelog. 


Integration with new TJ Notification - SMS support for all notifications

Power up your communications like never before as SocialAds has been integrated with the latest version of TJ Notifications, our infrastructure extension. We have created a Techjoomla twilio plugin for sending SMS and a TJ Notifications mobile number plugin for SMS. The TJ URL Shortener-Bitly plugin has been created for shortening the URL sent via SMS and email. 

In case of TJ Notifications, for multilingual websites the same email template can be translated in multiple languages. 

A new menu named Notification Subscription is created for users that subscribe to the website using email address or mobile number and also information regarding backend, device ID and platform is collected.

Complete Changelog


  • Feature #166786 Facility to customize all email template going from SocialAds

BUG FIXED (16) :

  • Bug #168321 Widget ads are not getting displayed on the target site
  • Bug #164518 Frontend > Create Ad > Ad created successfully without a campaign, only campaign field is displayed as required
  • Bug #164279 Remove not required columns from the wallets list view
  • Bug #163534 Old User campaign get created against each user
  • Bug #163013 Make payment - if payment value is changed still old value is getting passed to the payment
  • Bug #162559 Frontend & Backend > All Tables > All column names should either aligned left or right
  • Bug #162555 Backend > Options >Less than 2 value should not accept in the 'No. of Decimals to Show' field
  • Bug #162532 Frontend > Make Payment > 'Minimum Pre-paid Balance' which has set in the config should be displayed in the 'Amount need to pay' field
  • Bug #162004 Frontend > Manage Ads > UI issues > Check description for details
  • Bug #161974 Frontend > Campaigns > 'No result found' should display below the search field and 2 pagination fields are displayed
  • Bug #161935 Frontend > Wallet > On redeeming the unlimited coupon for the second time then popup 'Coupon added successfully' displayed but coupon value not get added in the wallet
  • Bug #160765 Backend > Options > Sometimes 'Migration Error' displayed while migrating from Pay Per Ad to Advertising Wallet
  • Bug #160743 Frontend > Make Payment > Notice displayed
  • Bug #155975 Admin >> Pricing should not ask if there is no update on payment related things
  • Bug #144070 [Manage ad]- Shows status as published even if the ads are expired
  • Bug #143409 [Weekly statistics mail]- Shows broken ad image in weekly statistics mail
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