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Want to Grow Your Site Visits and Membership? Follow These Proven Tricks


A website is more than just an online address for your brand or business. In today’s digital age, it is the key anchor to your growth, including your marketing strategies and credibility. Since it is the place to generate business leads, drive conversions and increase customer count, you need to give it more time and constantly work on it to drive more traffic. While many businesses rely heavily on SEO strategies for this, it alone is not enough to increase the (digital) footfall. 

That said, here are some simple tactics that can help you grow your site visits and membership:

  1. A Spectacular Website Design – User Experience is the winner when it comes to designing stellar websites. Get started by using services that let you create intuitive, clean website pages with spectacular graphics elements including images, fonts, and more. You will get more flexibility when the tool you use for this purpose offers a number of design elements to choose from.
  2. Easy Profile Import – More often than not, website visitors have their presence on various social media websites. If your website requires them to create a profile, make it easier for them with a simple add-on for easy profile import through various social networking platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn. This cuts down the time for setting up their profile and therefore, helps to increase the site’s membership.
  3. Email Marketing – Email marketing is not new, and contrary to what people think, it is not dead. It is a power-packed technique that can result in a surge of website traffic. Think of a friendly reminder about a new product launch, a new service or maybe, seasonal discounts. This can be useful to boost your traffic like never before. For this, you need to beautify your email content – Use impactful email templates, personalize your campaigns, and write awe-inspiring content (and subject lines) that compel your email subscribers to take the desired call-to-action through beautiful standardized branded email notifications. 
  4. Viral InvitationsViral invitations can also do the trick for growing your website visits. You can also use such tools for tracking the invitations sent, configuring a variety of automated and manual invitations, integrating with Google Analytics, creating multiple language invites, etc. 
  5. SEO - As mentioned earlier, SEO plays a vital role in increasing website visits steadily in the long run. You can achieve maximum traffic by publishing high-quality, targeted content. You can optimize these efforts by using tools such as keyword research tools, page speed monitors, visitor analytics and reporting, search engine visibility tracking, and so on.
  6. Roundup Posts - Expert roundup posts are excellent for getting the word of your website via influencers and thought-leaders in your niche. All you need to do is make a list of people to contact and proceed to create content with the information they provide. You can pick and choose from various formats to publish the content. 
  7. Freebies – Everyone loves freebies! Take advantage of this basic human tendency and create a giveaway or contest alert on social media. Offer rewards to your potential and existing customers as and when they help you draw new traffic to the website by tagging their friends. 
  8. Online Advertising – This one’s a no-brainer. To generate thousands of clicks to your website, running online ads work wonders. Almost all the major social media websites allow running ads. All you need to do is select the audience demographics and define the right ad strategy. Having a basic knowledge of how online ads work on different platforms can help you to a great extent. Since this step involves investing a good amount of money, you need to make informed decisions and settle for effective ads that give you maximum ROI. 
  9. Social Media – Apart from online ads, you can use social media to increase your brand’s visibility organically. Keep posting fresh, relevant content for your target audience and give them some incentive to visit your website. This needs creative acumen and understanding of the best times to post, knowledge of trends and making use of the platforms’ best features. 
  10. Facilitate interactions on your site – Allow people to like/ dislike the content on your site or even add comments. This will not only increase the engagement on your content, but it will also give you information on what your target audience is looking for and help you tweak your content strategy based on that.  

Take the Guesswork Out 

These are some simple and straightforward tricks that can help you grow your site visits and memberships phenomenally. Want to know more tips and tricks that can take your website to the next level with increased footfalls? Keep a tab on this space. We’ll be back with more insightful writeups. 

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