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Is your donations and fundraising solution marketing-friendly?


So, you have a fundraising strategy to raise money for a cause or an innovative idea. The next step is to market the idea, communicate your value, raise awareness, and draw support. To make your fundraising campaign successful, you should be able to connect with your audience, reward them for taking a favorable action, and make it easy for them to take action (and share it) – in short, make the campaign memorable.


Getting the right fundraising solution is critical to raise donations from your targeted audience segment. While there are plenty of solutions that can streamline the activity of getting the funds for you, integration of marketing-friendly features will take it a long way. And that too, without adding to the overhead costs.

Here are some of the marketing features that your donations and fundraising solution should offer to help you optimize your marketing efforts:

Customized Emails

Does your donation or fundraising strategy need to communicate with a wide-range of supporter segments? Email is one of the most effective ways to reach out to your audience.

Did you know? In 2018, email-based marketing campaigns generated 13% of all online nonprofit revenue!

Having access to customized email campaigns can make your job of reaching out to them easy for you. For instance, you can create segmented templates for the subscriber lists. Done right, this can enhance your email engagement and conversion rates manifold. You can also track trends for the segment of your subscribers and tailor the email campaigns accordingly.

Mass Mailing

An offshoot of the first point, mass mailing will help you quickly reach out to thousands of potential donors quickly and easily. All you need to do is prepare the email and send it to multiple users with a single click. Your fundraising solution should provide you the option to send out such emails.

Native Social-Sharing

Did you know? Social media heavily inspires 59% of Gen Zs to donate to charity.

Social media with millions of users is the hotbed of spreading the word about various charitable causes and fundraisers. If your target audience is Millennials and Gen X to be specific, then you must give this functionality a try.   

Imagine donors sharing the donation page and tagging their friends and acquaintances on social media, which can bring your cause in the limelight. It will fetch likes, shares, and comments, and make it go viral as well. This is why you need to select a solution that can enable native social-sharing to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and all such popular social sharing platforms. It is important that the pages also contain appropriate Open Graph Tags so the link preview can be generated when sharing. 

Bonus tip: Make it a point to include social media icons on the fundraising website as well in a way that they are easy to spot and click.

Viral Invitations

One of the prime objectives of a fundraising campaign is to reach the investment goal within the stipulated time. This is the reason why it is essential to promote the campaigns in the first place. Apart from applying different promotional tactics, how about having an in-built campaign promotional feature that does the trick for you? For instance, you can opt for creating invitations, which will ask the people to donate to the campaign/cause. This single feature can help you achieve an improved rate of investments easily.

SEO-Friendly Campaigns

Even when you have Social Media sorted via the fundraising solution, you can never underestimate the power of SEO. Choose a solution that enables you to optimize your campaign sites for search engines. Though the meta keywords and meta description are not important for Google for the web search ranking, features such as the addition of meta keywords and meta description during the campaign creation play a critical role. Doing this will help you improve the visibility of your campaign on the search engines and get it found.

Bonus Tip: Research about Meta Keywords and Meta Description and select the best ones applicable for your campaign.

Selecting Versatile Solution Will Save the Day

These were some of the necessary features and functionalities that will help you save the day or raise funds for your campaign. Apart from these, you will need to also tweak your website alongside the solution. It should leave a lasting impression even on first-time visitors. Using compelling copy and multimedia, you can weave a story that compels them to take a call-to-action - which, in this case, is to make a donation.

JGive from Techjoomla is one of the best “crowdfunding” extension that empowers your marketing-friendly fundraising project(s). The versatile solution will help you raise investments with ease. Without waiting further, harness the power of our solution and get a sure-shot boost in traffic, exposure and ultimately, donations for the cause.

Need more details? We’ll be more than happy to guide you in your endeavor.

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