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5 considerations while selecting a shopping cart for your eCommerce site


There are several eCommerce platforms that sell multiple products. Some of these are well-known (Amazon anyone?), while others are obscure. Irrespective of the size and scale of these sites, customers or online shoppers have one primary expectation. And that is to have an effortless checkout process.

This is something that matters even more than the products present on the site. 

Here are some statistics that explain it all:

  • Abandonment can cost e-marketers about 2 to 4 Trillion per year.
  • 27% of carts were dropped because the checkout process was too complicated or because the site was slow.
  • 65% cart abandonment trend leaves a 97.9% gap in conversions.

You certainly don’t want to fall in any of these categories. Let’s look at the top five considerations that you will need while selecting a shopping cart for your eCommerce website.

  • Support for Multi-Store – The first feature that you need to look for is multi-store support. This, in essence, means that the seller or vendor should be able to create more than one store on the site. As an Admin, you should be able to control the number of stores created and also, set a limit. For example, a vendor can run a book store along with a store that sells gadgets. This feature can boost your site as more vendors and shoppers will prefer to sell and buy on it.
  • Shipping Configuration – Shipping has a major role to play when it comes to online shopping. At the time of selecting the shopping cart solution, make it a point to opt for shipping available for both single and multi-vendor modes. Also, you need to see how you allow the buyers to select the shipping methods based on the shipping provider. Likewise, find out whether you can create shipping profiles that can combine several shipping methods as this will let the store owners keep track of their orders.

Bonus: If you don’t need shipping for the products, look for a solution that provides this option but also allows you to disable the option in the backend. This way, you always have the feature ready in case you need it in the future.

  • Multi-Currency Support – The next feature on your list to look for is a basic multi-currency support option. This will let you specify the products’ pricing in more than one currency. For instance, the cart should be able to show the prices of the products in the local currency of the buyers. This is essential as the exchange rates may show some fluctuations based on the payment facility. Ensuring that the cart has this feature included will help you attract even the international audience to your site.  
  • Tax Configuration – Taxation is an essential factor for the buyers when they make any purchase, online, or offline. This is the reason it needs special attention when it comes to selecting a shopping cart solution. Select a solution that lets you create zones for grouping countries or regions that include similar taxation rules. Additionally, see to it that the taxation profiles are created to club multiple charges levied on a product. All these tied together contribute to the perfect taxation feature you can have. After all, it is always better to take care of compliance and regulations in an appropriate way.  
  • Supports Multiple Payment Gateways – This one is a feature that needs to be there for sure in the shopping cart solution. What makes this an important feature is because not all the customers will want to use their credit or debit cards to make transactions. When you provide them multiple payment options, they will obviously be pleased to select the option that suits their preferences. As a result, there will be fewer abandonments. Some of the options that you can offer include, but are not limited to: 
  • Paypal
  • Authorizenet
  • 2Checkout 
  • Pay By Check 
  • Pay By Purchase Order 
  • Alpha User Points
  • JomSocial Points
  • EasySocial Points

Find the Best Shopping Cart Solution with Techjoomla

These are some of the mainstays to look for in your eCommerce site’s shopping cart solution. However, don’t restrict yourself to only these handful of features. You also need to take into account a number of other features and functionalities based on the specific needs of your eCommerce site.

Techjoomla’s shopping cart solution is apt for eCommerce sites of varying scales. Known as Quick2Cart, it is a super flexible shopping cart with multi-vendor, multi-store support and awesome social integrations. Check it out at If you have any questions, drop us a line! 

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