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Shika 1.1.9 is out with hierarchy based assignments

We are happy to announce the release of Shika 1.1.9 which is a feature and maintenance release. We have consciously made a decision to do releases in the 1.1x series that move away from the ideal principle of semantic versioning in order to fill feature gaps in the 1.1x series before embarking on the next true major release which will be 1.2. So expect to see more feature releases in the 1.1x branch that make the extension more solid and enterprise ready. 

This release introduces a new feature that has been a horizontal extension for Techjoomla but wasn't released as yet - com_hierarchy. This lets you set context specific hierarchy relations between users. The utilisation for this is mainly to set training managers for users. These 'Managers' shall be able to assign & enrol courses to users under them from the frontend with the new Assignment workflow that is also released in this version. This is also a dependency to our migration to TJ reports which will allow for features like Teacher reports and Manager reports in v1.1.10. 

Besides this major feature, we have also introduced a configuration for Certificate orientation & introduced a spent time column in the attempts view on the frontend. 

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