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On paper, Parth does the Sales & is the CEO of Techjoomla so to speak.. But he loves getting his hands dirty with code, innovating & helping the team come up with new stuff !

Working in Joomla since the times when it was called Mambo, Parth is passionate about everything opensource. A Mechanical Engineer by profession, Parth was working with...

On paper, Parth does the Sales & is the CEO of Techjoomla so to speak.. But he loves getting his hands dirty with code, innovating & helping the team come up with new stuff !

Working in Joomla since the times when it was called Mambo, Parth is passionate about everything opensource. A Mechanical Engineer by profession, Parth was working with content management systems like PHP nuke while doing some voluntary work for non profits when he stumbled upon Joomla & was completely hooked 

Parth has been involved in the Joomla project as part of the Joomla Bug Squad, was a mentor for Joomla at Google Summer of code & plays a key role in managing Joomla User Group Pune & organising Joomla Day India. Currently, he is serving on the Joomla Marketing working group leadership as the Strategic Marketing Manager. 

When not in the office, you will find Parth in the mountains hiking or cycling, reading a book , cooking or gardening ..


Broadcast 1.2 is here with Cool new Social Marketing Features & 5 new Content Push Plugins !

bcasrBroadcast 1.2 is here with some really awesome features ! To start with, it comes with 5 Brand new content push plugins which allows you to push Content updates to the Broadcast Queue when content is added in any of the following extensions besides JomSocial :

  • Joomla Content
  • K2
  • Flexi Content
  • EasyBlog
  • DocMan

Each of the plugins give you the ability to define a message template for pushing to the Queue. For example {username} added a new blog {title} {link} . This content will be pushed to the Broadcast queue of the author who wrote the content.

In addition you have the facility to also push it to your site Social Accounts by connecting them to one of the site users & configuring it in the Broadcast configuration. This is a poweful feature that will boost the social activity on your site by a big way. You can also set this up so that all your Jomsocial activities can be pushed to your site's Queue !

Broadcast along with all the new plugins is available immediately for users having a subscription. In case you are still now using this cool extension to power your website's Social integration, get it today !

To Read the full changelog, please click on Read More.

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JUG Pune #jpbf11 Photos & Updates !

Its Saturday afternoon & we are having JUG Pune's Pizza & Bugs at the Techjoomla offices. We have 22+ people on board for helping the JUG Pune team. Lots of guys from the Tekdi & Techjoomla team have also decided to dive in ! Check out the Photos here

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Joomla User Group Pune brings you Pizza & Bugs 2011 !

The Joomla User Group Pune is organizing a Pizza & Bugs session the coming Saturday, 17th Dec 2011. Techjoomla is pitching in by Providing the venue & Wifi & by pushing the devs on our teams to join the Bug Squashing fun ! Here are the details from the JUG teams. Everyone's invited ! Pizza & Bugs 2011 This year when Joomla announced...

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Profile Import for CB & JomSocial with support for Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn released !

Profile Import for CB & JomSocial allows your users to update their profiles on your website from Social Networks of their choice with a single click. A great addon to save your users the trouble of updating their profiles & keeping them current. Working natively on both Joomla 1.5 & 1.7, this is a great addon to enhance your CB or JomS...

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Cyber Monday Sale till 30th Nov !

Its a week of offers & sales all over the world & we are happy to jump in with another awesome offer ! Use the code CYBER30 when you check out to get an awesome 30% Discount on your purchases. Buying yearly packages & power packs will add even more value to this deal ! We are going to release some awesome updates to all our extensions o...

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Black Friday & Thanksgiving Sale !

Black Friday Sale For one day only, Techjoomla is offering an awesome 35% Store wide discount on Black Friday (25th Nov). Use the Discount Code : BLACKFRIDAY to await this great offer . Thanksgiving Sale We shall be having a Regular Thanks Giving Sale immediately after this one. If you miss the Black Friday sale, you can still get a 20% Discount fr...

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Invitex 2.3 brings Facebook, Orkut Invitations & more !

InvitexFacebook pulled a fast one on us a few months back by changing its API & removing messaging support. This meant that we had to re factor a lot of the way Invitex works so that we could get it to work with the Facebook API.
Finally after a long wait, Invitex 2.3 is here with the native API plugin for Facebopok & Much more !  Besides these major features, a number of code improvements & bug fixes are included in this release.

Existing Subscribers can download from the My Subscriptions menu. If you are not Using this awesome Viral Invitations system yet, Get it now !

New Features in Invitex 2.3

alt   Invite Facebook Friends
The Native API plugin for Facebook allows users to invite their Facebook friends to your site
alt   Invite Orkut Friends
Native API plugin for Orkut to allow users to invite friends from Orkut to your site.
  Referral Link Invitations
Invite Friends using a user specific link & track who joins because of you ! Read More about this feature here.
alt   JomSocial tool Bar Display
If you are using Invitex with JomSocial, then now with this option you can show the JomSocial Menu ( Toolbar) on the Invitex pages as well so that the end user feels that he is within JomSocial.


Read on for the Full change log.

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JomSocial 2.4 is here & our extensions work with it already !

jomsocialJomSocial 2.4 was released recently & it comes with a slew of new features to empower your Joomla Social network.We have been working closely with the JomSocial team to ensure that all of our products work well with this new release.

How does the update affect Techjoomla Products ?

We have completed the testing of our products & are happy to report that all major extensions work flawlessly with JomSocial 2.4.So the good news is that you can upgrade without any issues..  In fact this release adds a bug fix which removes the need to hack the core JomSocial files for Integration with our Broadcast extension. All our Major extensions - SocialAds , Invitex, J!Bolo, Broadcast, J!MailAlerts & all JomSocial related plugins , Email Beautifier , People you may know, Network Suggest , Mutual Friends are fully compatible with the 2.4 release. Just make sure you download the latest versions of each.

JS Features & J!PHPlist are the extensions that are still waiting for an update for Joomla 1.7 & JomSocial 2.4. Of these the update for Featured shall be out by this month end.

Read to for whats new in JomSocial 2.4 & an awesome offer from JomSocial to get a mind blowing 25% off on your purchase !

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J!Bolo 2.9.4 with IMaqma HelpDesk integration as Live Chat!

We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of JBolo 2.9.4 with a great new feature that allows customers of IMaqma Helpdesk to add live chat capabilities to their Support system with JBolo. JBolo integrates tightly with IMaqma & provides the following features : Ability for Support Users to Initiate a chat with Clients from a individ...

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Broadcast for Joomla & JomSocial is here !

Social Relations

Hey Everyone ! Broadcast for Joomla & JomSocial is finally here ! Its been a really long wait & we have gone through multiple iterations in the development of this extension to get you a stable & extendible Social Integration platform.

Today no one can deny the role of the major Social networks like Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn as Promotion & interaction media.
If you are running a website, be it a small business website, a news portal or a Social network, you will know how the SlashDot Effect can help catapult your site to fame & fortune.

How Broadcast can help you Piggyback on the Masters.

Its an undeniable fact today, that the maximum time people spend online is on the big 3 Social Networtks. Broadcast will help you integrate your Joomla & JomSocial websites tightly into Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn.

Read on to know more about Broadcast & how you can get your site Socialized with it

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Invitex 2.2 is here with native plugins for Hotmail,Gmail & Yahoo !

invitex api

Invitex 2.2 is here !

Invitex 2.2 is a ground breaking release as we introduce 3 new Native API plugins - Hotmail,Gmail & Yahoo. We have already had LinkedIn for a few months now.

Besides this we have added support forJ!MailAlerts Plugins - which means now you can add dynamic content like latest photos, videos, users etc into your Invite emails to promote your site to the people invited.

SocialAds support inside Invitex Emails is another awesome feature we have added to help you monetize your site even more !

New Features

  • Hotmail Native API Plugin
  • Yahoo Native API Plugin
  • Gmail Native API Plugin
  • LinkedIn Plugin rewrite
  • Ads in Email via SocialAds
  • J!MailAlerts Plugin Support in emails

New Pricing

Please note that prices for Invitex have been hiked to 45$ & 80$ respectively for the 6 Months & 12 month support Subscriptions. Users with Active subscriptions can download it rightaway !

 Read on For the full changelog

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RIP - 'Vanilla' Joomla Emails with Email Beautifier


How many of you have looked at the silly 'welcome email' and complained that it's so very un-cool? Gosh! I see so many hands up in the air! So here's an answer to all of that.. and more. With the Email Beautifier, making your Joomla emails look nicer is as simple as A-B-C. Email Beautifier catches all* emails going from your Joomla site, wraps an a...

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Facebook to send lesser Email. Joomla does that already with J!MailAlerts !

Today morning i woke up to see a rare 'Newsletterish" email from facebook.Facebook has finaly decided to do something about the huge amount of email that it clutters my inbox with. I am so afraid of this clutter that i refrain from commenting on Photos or wall posts since if that particular post gets popular, my inbox is sure to be flooded with ema...

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Gmail,Hotmail,Yahoo,Facebook coming as native API plugins to Invitex !

We have been hard at work at work on improving Invitex in many ways & whats most exciting for end users is the creation of Native API Plugins for Hotmail, Yahoo & Gmail. OpenInviter based curl contact imports have always been a bit pain & with major providers now stopping support for OpenInviter. So we started a couple of months back wi...

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The Google+ Joomla Challenge !

Yesterday morning i got an email from Google regarding the release of their new but restricted Google+ developer API. We immediately decided to hold a Google+ Joomal Developer challenge today for all those who had spare time on their hands..  The Goal - Use the full day to build whatever extensions they could with the Google+ API for Joomla.. ...

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