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Invitex 2.3 brings Facebook, Orkut Invitations & more !

InvitexFacebook pulled a fast one on us a few months back by changing its API & removing messaging support. This meant that we had to re factor a lot of the way Invitex works so that we could get it to work with the Facebook API.
Finally after a long wait, Invitex 2.3 is here with the native API plugin for Facebopok & Much more !  Besides these major features, a number of code improvements & bug fixes are included in this release.

Existing Subscribers can download from the My Subscriptions menu. If you are not Using this awesome Viral Invitations system yet, Get it now !

New Features in Invitex 2.3

alt   Invite Facebook Friends
The Native API plugin for Facebook allows users to invite their Facebook friends to your site
alt   Invite Orkut Friends
Native API plugin for Orkut to allow users to invite friends from Orkut to your site.
  Referral Link Invitations
Invite Friends using a user specific link & track who joins because of you ! Read More about this feature here.
alt   JomSocial tool Bar Display
If you are using Invitex with JomSocial, then now with this option you can show the JomSocial Menu ( Toolbar) on the Invitex pages as well so that the end user feels that he is within JomSocial.


Read on for the Full change log.


Changelog for Invitex 2.3

Bug #8736: The Name of the site is not showing as subject, It's showing only: Invitation from site H
Task #8915: structural change in the pm sending
Task #8921: Url Shortening function, Call it Just before Message is Sent
Feature #8922: JomSocial tool bar inclusion (Config Option : Show JomSocial Toolbar in invitex in case of JomSocial Integration)
Task #8923: PM template without Replacers
Bug #8943: Getting Fatal error in Message Preview
Feature #8945: Send invites via facebook
Feature #8946: Send invites via Orkut
Feature #8947: include invitaion using URL
Task #8948: show a different view for invitations sent using URL


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