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Broadcast 1.2 is here with Cool new Social Marketing Features & 5 new Content Push Plugins !

bcasrBroadcast 1.2 is here with some really awesome features ! To start with, it comes with 5 Brand new content push plugins which allows you to push Content updates to the Broadcast Queue when content is added in any of the following extensions besides JomSocial :

  • Joomla Content
  • K2
  • Flexi Content
  • EasyBlog
  • DocMan

Each of the plugins give you the ability to define a message template for pushing to the Queue. For example {username} added a new blog {title} {link} . This content will be pushed to the Broadcast queue of the author who wrote the content.

In addition you have the facility to also push it to your site Social Accounts by connecting them to one of the site users & configuring it in the Broadcast configuration. This is a poweful feature that will boost the social activity on your site by a big way. You can also set this up so that all your Jomsocial activities can be pushed to your site's Queue !

Broadcast along with all the new plugins is available immediately for users having a subscription. In case you are still now using this cool extension to power your website's Social integration, get it today !

To Read the full changelog, please click on Read More.

Full Changelog

Feature #8968: ability to comment on posts pulled into the JomSocial Stream from Twitter/FB/Linkedin to the site
Feature #9342 : Ability to Push Updates to the Queue against multiple User Ids
Bug #9331: rss link save data problem and limit was not taking proper ticket #3799
Bug #8990: unused file included in frontend view
Bug #9063: blocked users pushing in the stream
New Plugins Added for Content Updates Push into Broadcast Queue
  • Joomla Content
  • Docman
  • Easyblog
  • Flexicontent
  • K2


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