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Facebook to send lesser Email. Joomla does that already with J!MailAlerts !

Today morning i woke up to see a rare 'Newsletterish" email from facebook.Facebook has finaly decided to do something about the huge amount of email that it clutters my inbox with. I am so afraid of this clutter that i refrain from commenting on Photos or wall posts since if that particular post gets popular, my inbox is sure to be flooded with emails making it difficult to find emails that matter.

Facebook says that from now on they will "send a summary of emails only if there are popular stories i might have missed"  .. Awesome !

facebook email

JmailAlertsJ!MailAlerts Allows you to do the same for your Joomla sites. Let it be a Social Network, News Website, Blog, Ecommerce shop or practically any Joomla site, with J!MailAlerts you too can create a Digest email solution that will intelligently email users when there is new content on your site. With an array of over 25 content plugins supporting a wide variety of extensions you have all the infrastructure you need to get your Email Digest up & running. 

J!MailAlerts is completely free. You can download it here :  J!MailAlerts 2.X Core . If you need commercial support subscription & Commercial plugins are also available. If you use JomSocial, then go for the Super Saver JomSocial plugin pack.

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