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Quick2Cart 4.0.1 maintenance release


We are happy to announce the immediate release of Quick2Cart 4.0.1 with 50+ bug fixes.

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Read on for the detailed changelog


- Bugs Fixed (52):

Bug #195461: The 'Select Tax Profile' field is hidden after saving the article.
Bug #195485: Article blog > 'Share to get discounts' not working on Joomla 4
Bug #195362: FE > Create article page > 2x times 'Quick2Cart Options' displayed on Joomla 3
Bug #195336: Create Manual Orders view > Blank alert message displayed while deleting the address.
Bug #195309: BE > Promotion > In Condition view > The 'Save' button works as 'Save & close' button
Bug #195306: FE > Create Manual Orders view > 'Cancel' button of 'Add New User' not working on Joomla 3
Bug #195278: FE > Checkout Cart Order detail page > Multiple times 'Shipping Method' information is displayed for same product on Joomla 3
Bug #186416: All Products page > search text using the enter button not working
Bug #187117: Jomsocial not working if we use jomsocial 4.x versions
Bug #187505: Module issue > mod_q2c_autosearch module not working
Bug #188972: On the cart checkout page > 'Add Address' button not working
Bug #195536: FE> Create Article page > 'Purchase Required' value not displayed
Bug #188972: BE > Zone view displayed correctly for Joomla 4
Bug #188630: The filter button on the category pin view not working
Bug #182855: BE > Shipping method view > close button of edit modal is not working
Bug #181804: FE & BE > Product > Attribute Information > Update checkbox while click on label
Bug #181603: FE > Create Manual Orders> Add Address > Cancel button not working in Joomla 4
Bug #181206: FE > Create Manual Orders > After adding the address click to submit button
Bug #181203: FE > Add Address > Edit address functionality not working
Bug #188626: FE > Add product to cart modal UI fixes
Bug #180945: BE > Publish, Unpublish messages needs to be updated
Bug #175952: Unable to use the Arabic currency symbol
Bug #188629: In the "ADD new product" page > Add attribute functionality not working
Bug #162352: Coupon promo code use based on max use field
Bug #193649: Guest user > When we Add any product to the cart the " Review and Pay" tab not working
Bug #117028: FE > Modal displayed with title
Bug #193861: In Global configuration > Radio buttons displayed as joomla standard (In Joomla 4)
Bug #193874: In Global configuration > Store limit for user field configuration not working
Bug #195276: Create Product page > Extra fields are not saved while saving product Joomla 3
Bug #195151: Create Article page > In 'e-product Files' page > When unchecked the 'Purchase Require' field the 'Download Count' visible
Bug #195150: Article view > Compulsory/required field not displayed as required field '*' on frontend
Bug #195148: BE > Create Article page > Fatal error while clicking on 'Add e-product File'
Bug #195143: Fatal error while clicking on 'My Product' menu on the frontend
Bug #195097: FE > Create Manual Orders view > 'Add Address' functionality not save
Bug #194952: FE > Create Manual Orders > Address page > 'delete' address functionality not working after editing the address
Bug #194911: BE > Create Article> Add attributes page > duplicate order id save
Bug #194806: BE > Payout Reports view > 'delete' functionality not working
Bug #194803: Weights Classes view > Duplicate Weights Classes create
Bug #194757: Lengths Classes view > Duplicate Lengths Classes create
Bug #194755: Tax Rates view > Duplicate tax rate create
Bug #194745: Create Promotion page > Inappropriate error message displayed while creating 'percent type' coupon
Bug #194648: My Product view > 'Import CSV' file functionality not working
Bug #194646: FE > Tax Profiles view > 'Search icon' functionality is missing
Bug #194638: FE > Create Product > Attribute Information page > Input not accepted in the 'Value' field.
Bug #194595: Promotion > In Condition page > 'Apply' functionality not working for category condition
Bug #194593: Create Promotion > 'Time selection' functionality is missing on the calendar view.
Bug #194520: Create Promotion> In the 'discount' field if not enter any input then it should accept a null value.
Bug #194301: Global Attribute view > duplicated attribute option save
Bug #194299: BE > Crate Product page > Blank alert message displayed if not enter any input on extra field page.
Bug #194199: Promotion > In Condition page >'Search and select' modal not working for 'Product' condition
Bug #194113: BE > Product View > Inappropriate error message displayed while clicking on the import CSV button
Bug #194103: BE > Create Product > In Attribute Information page > Blank error message displayed for duplicate order id of 'Is Stockable Attribute' functionality
Bug #194102: BE > Create Product > Attribute Information page >Blank error message displayed for duplicate order id of 'Is Compulsory' functionality


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